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Syndicated (Weekly): 9/5/1999 – 9/2000
Wheeler-Sussman Productions

Pressure 1 was a short-lived, spin-off from Peer Pressure. The show from which it spun off was renamed Pressure 2 in season 3 to coincide with it. It also replaced the now cancelled Click.


Unlike its parent show, Pressure 1 was based on general trivia. The only similarities between the two were the shared logo and theme song. At the end of each round, a clip was shown of the eliminated player telling the viewers their most embarrassing moment, referred to as the "Wall of Shame".

Round 1: Four's a Crowd[]

The four contestants competed in answering questions, with the round ending after three of the four players had each correctly answered two questions; the remaining player was eliminated (hence the round's name).

Round 2: Take That![]

The remaining three players competed in another round of questions, which began with the first player to win a spot in that round choosing one of two possible categories to answer a question in, then giving the remaining category to his/her opponents for them to buzz in and answer. The player that answered correctly would then be given a choice of two categories to play, with the other two players trying their luck at the remaining category, and so on for the remainder of the round. Correct answers were worth 10 points each, and when time expired, the lowest-scoring contestant was eliminated.

Final Round: Pressure Cooker[]

After the end of general play, the two finalists would face off in a "lightning round" in which they had to answer five questions in 60 seconds. Whoever answered them in the fastest time, or whoever answered the most questions correctly, won the game and a prize package. Both players received the same questions; the contestant playing second was sequestered in an isolation booth so that he could not hear the questions or answers.


Burt Wheeler & Sharon Sussman


WCVB-TV, Boston, MA


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