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WKAR-TV: 9/23/1989–5/26/2018

QuizBusters was a high-school quiz bowl that involved high schools in Lansing, Michigan. The show aired on WKAR-TV from 1989 to 2018.


Two teams of high schools compete each week in this quiz bowl competition.

Quick 10[]

Since the early 2000s the game incorporated an opening round called "Quick 10" which is just what it sounds like. Ten questions were asked in which any player can answer each one. Each correct answer is worth 10 points.

Rounds 1 and 2[]

In the first two rounds host Matt asks a series of 10 point toss-up questions to which any player can buzz-in and answer. Should any player on either team miss, the opposing team can steal the question and the 10 points, but they can't confer on an answer. The first team to win the toss-up not only scored 10 points, but they also get control of three bonus questions that follow. The team controlling the bonus questions can confer but only the captain can answer. The first two questions on each bonus are worth 10 points and the last one is worth 20 points for a possible total of 40 points on each bonus for a possible grand total of 50 points for both toss-up and bonus. One miss on any bonus question stops progress.

Pop Quiz[]

Halfway through the first two rounds, a "Pop Quiz" round comes into play. It's a one-on-one round in which two contestants (one from each team) across from each other face-off for three questions worth 10 points each, meaning that there's 30 points at stake for each pair for a possible grand total of 120 points.

Lightning Round (Final Round)[]

The game ends with a 60 second Lightning Round. Questions are worth 10 points, +10 for correct answers, minus 10 for incorrect answers. Like in Sale of the Century, one person from either team can answer any question. Also like in Sale of the Century, Matt would announce the correct answers to the questions that were missed after the round was over.

The team with the most points moved on in the tournament.


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