RFD America was a rural quiz show that aired on radio.

Broadcast[edit | edit source]

Mutual Radio (Weekly): 10/29/1947 – 4/22/1948
NBC Radio (Weekly): 6/6/1948 – 9/26/1948, 1/8/1949 – 9/24/1949

Hosts[edit | edit source]

Joe Kelly (1947–April 1948)
Ed Bottcher (June–September 1948)
Bob Murphy (1949)

Format[edit | edit source]

On this show, the contestants were all farmers from various states. Four farmers competed in each broadcast, and the winner was crowned "Master Farmer of the Week". Winners stayed on the show until defeated.

In addition, farmers' wives were allowed to take part. Contestants were screened through local contests in their home states.

The questions themselves dealt with rural lifestyles, and were sent in by listeners, who received a Speigel gift certificate if they were used (the certificates were worth $50 if a question was answered correctly, and $100 if it stumped the farmers).

Production Location[edit | edit source]

Chicago, IL

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