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Speed: 2/22/2013-4/8/2013
Brentwood Communications International

R U Faster Than a Redneck? was a reality competition series where it offers some of the country's best grassroots import racers an opportunity to take on equally-timed, high-performance American muscle.


The concept of the show is simple: Volunteers can bring their imports cars to the Carolina Motorsports Park Kershaw in Kershaw Country, South Carolina, to race them against a selection of American muscle cars. If an import beats the American car in the first two heats (the first one round, the second three rounds) and then another in the finale (three rounds on the one-mile race course) he gets $10,000. The show's stable consists of "full-blown flannel-wearing, mullet-sporting rednecks" driving an assortment of "classic American muscle cars". Drivers can race stock and specialty cars, but they have to do so on street lines.


Official Website (via Internet Archive)