Rachel Reynolds
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Name: Rachel Reynolds
Born: November 4, 1982
Occupation: Actress, Model, TV Personality
Years active: 2002-present
Known for: Her modeling work for The Price is Right

Rachel Reynolds (born November 4, 1982 in Mandeville, Louisiana) is an model and actress who is currently one of the models on The Price is Right.

Early Career

In 2002, she was one of the finalists in the search to replace Brooke Burke as the host of Wild On!. By 2003, Reynolds officially became a model for Price. 

Personal life

On the May 3, 2009 episode of the show, host Drew Carey announced that Reynolds was engaged to a player from the Cleveland Indians, David Dellucci. On March 30, 2010, Carey announced that the couple had married. On the April 12, 2010, episode ("Ultimate Wedding Shower 2010"), the couple modeled wedding formalwear (a tuxedo for Dellucci, a wedding gown for Reynolds) as an Item up for Bids.

On February 13, 2013, the day before Valentine's Day, Rachel gave birth to a daughter, Ruby Rey Dellucci.  For a short period during Rachel's pregnancy, another model, Gwendolyn Osborne-Smith was also pregnant (though then soon to deliver). This short period may have been the only time in the show's history that more than one active model was pregnant.   Rachel returned to the show before the end of Season 41.


In 2011, Reynolds was also a substitute model for Tiffany Coyne in a couple of episodes of Let's Make a Deal.

On the February 5, 2015 episode, Rachel turned heel and engaged in a brief "rivalry" with fellow model Amber Lancaster. The "feud" began when Rachel was displaying the first One Bid prize; a digital camera, which also featured framed photos of herself, Amber, and Drew Carey. During the segment, the villainous Rachel playfully boasted about having the largest photo, while Amber's was accidentally knocked down. After some "in-fighting" during a pair of pricing games, the pair made up after the showcase round, with each one holding up framed photos of the other.

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