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Unsold Pilot: 1983 (in Las Vegas)
Larry O'Daly/American Television Syndication

Razzle Dazzle was an unsold game show pilot that was part Pyramid, part Beat the Clock and all-the-way TV-MA material for mature audiences only.


The game begins with two teams consisting of one clothed male and one clothed female. Host Rick Podell asked one team to pick a letter from the "Razzle Dazzle" board and they had 30 seconds to communicate 5 words (ala Pyramid). The other team got a shot, with the team that scored the fewest points in the round or used more time having to shed a layer of clothing. After three rounds, a second set of couples were brought out to do the same thing.

The "bonus round" consisted of two winning couples competing in three stunts (ala Beat the Clock) at their state of dress/undress that they were at from their main game. The first game consisted of ping pong ball blowing, the second game was passing oranges under the necks, and the final game involved bouncing basketballs.



  • Prior to Razzle Dazzle, host Rick Podell played a game show host in an episode of CHiPs.
  • The pilot may have aired as a one-off special on several Pay TV outlets in the summer of 1983.
  • Clips from the pilot have aired as an episode of the British TV series Tarrant on TV in 2005.


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