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NBC: 4/9/2013 - 4/23/2013 (until 4/4/2013 at
Renegade 83 Entertainment
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Ready For Love  (not to be confused with the 1974 or the 2001 song by Bad Company and India Arie of the same name respectively) was a short-lived, two episode only, celebrity-driven reality dating series where three of America's most eligible celebrity bachelors search for their soul mates.


The Show is a Matchmaking show with the goal of finding romantic partners for three eligible bachelors who were Dallas-based financier Ben Patton, Santa Barbara-based Plain White T's member Tim Lopez and Miami-based entrepreneur Ernesto Arguello. Eligible women applied online to matchmakers Amber Kelleher-Andrews, Tracy McMillan and Matthew Hussey. Each of the three bachelors has a field of twelve bachelorettes that has been chosen for him: each matchmaker selects four women per bachelor. The women applied via a specially designed Facebook app that introduces the participants via Ready For Love Facebook page as well as a Facebook timeline. The intent is that as the season evolves each of the three bachelors will find a romantic partner from among the twelve bachelorettes chosen for him as the audience observes the process.


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  • The series was produced by former Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria. Prior to this, Longoria has even started dating former contestant Ernesto Arguello in 2013.
  • The series only aired twice and was replaced by Grimm on April 30, 2013.
  • The remaining six episodes would be placed online day-and-date on Tuesdays via the network's website, Hulu, the network's cable video on demand service, iTunes and Amazon Video for purchase, until the June 4 finale.
  • The A.V. Club website gave the show's premiere a grade "F", calling it "a catastrophe of a television show", "pure evil", "boring, superficial, and bland" and its treament of the contestants "despicable".
  • Former beauty pageant winner and star of GSN's Lingo and PlayMania Shandi Finnessey has once appeared as a contestant in this short-lived series.


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