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Rich Fields
Special Guest Stars
Lou Ferrigno (Episode 1)
Adam West (Episode 2)
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YouTube: 3/9/2009-3/25/2010

Rich Fields Gone Wild is a comedy web series that stars former announcer Rich Fields of The Price is Right getting into some wacky situations in his everyday life.


Episode 1[]

Fields trains very hard with coach Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk) to become the greatest announcer of all-time. But as a result, he can't turn it off as he drives his wife nuts with it, and as a result, she throws him out of the house.

Episode 2[]

Fields, bumps in Adam West (Batman) on the CBS Television City lot in Hollywood, California as he gets into a little bit of trouble with him.


This was to promote the video game called The Price is Right: 2010 Edition for the Wii, DS, PC and iPhone by Ludia.
The title could be a parody of the Joe Francis' franchise Girls Gone Wild.
In the "Behind-the-Scenes" of the first episode, you can see Fields' wife holding The Price is Right: 2010 Edition video game for the Wii.
In episode 2, Fields wears a costume that resembles Robin the boy wonder although with Field's contestants' nametag instead of the "R" also the original 60's batmobile makes a cameo appearance in the episode as well.
Adam West has passed away on June 9, 2017 at the age of 88.

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