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GSN: 12/20/2017
Natural 9 Entertainment
Dalaklis Media Enterprises

Ridiculous Cash Bash was a GSN special created and sponsored by Kmart.[1][2] 12 contestants took part in series of ridiculous physical challenges to win great prizes and Kmart Shopyourway cash, and have the chance to win a $100,000 Kmart shopping spree.

Models/Stage Hands[]

"The Blue Light Crew" and "Bargain Busters"


Each set of contestants competed in ridiculously awesome physical challenges. Eight physical challenges are played. Each physical challenge have a time limit of 30 seconds, one minute, and two minutes. One physical challenge is 30 seconds, two physical challenges are one minute, and five physical challenges are two minutes.

Fro No You Didn't[]

A giant frozen yogurt soft serve dispenser is involved in this physical challenge with several different flavors of frozen yogurt: Some tasty and some nasty. Each player will take turns by sticking their head under the dispenser and have frozen yogurt dispensed into their mouth. After tasting the yogurt, they have to then guess what flavor it is from a list of choices. After calling out the correct flavor, a Blue Light Crew member will take a placard of the flavor called out and place it on the board. There is a time limit of two minutes. Every correct guess will earn the players a prize for a maximum of 8 prizes for the round.

NOTE: The name of this round is a parody of the term "Oh No You Didn't."

In-Store Challenge - Kmart 500[]

The in-store challenges take place in an actual Kmart. This challenge has one player riding inside a shopping cart holding a shopping list. The other player will be pushing the cart and grabbing the items on the list while blindfolded. The four general grocery items on the list correspond to prizes that can be won, with a light up sign describing the prize to be won next to the item for the non blindfolded player to see. Also, the Bargain Busters will be providing obstacles for the blindfolded player to make it more difficult for the player to get the items. The players have two minutes to get through the course and hit a button. Four prizes are possible to be won in this game.

Piggest Loser[]

Two contestants are in a pig pen with five pigs. The object is to get three of the pigs (one each) into a house in two minutes or less, one made of straw, one of sticks, and one of bricks by crawling around on their hands and knees and guiding the pigs into the houses. Each house that gets a pig in it will earn the payers a prize for a maximum of 3 prizes for the round.

NOTE: The name of this round is parody of the popular reality series The Biggest Loser.

Audience Participation Game - Fro-Yo Go-Go[]

A member of the audience is chosen for this challenge. The player is seated in a giant ice cream cone and is drenched in chocolate syrup. Two members of the Blue Light Crew will start throwing bash bucks at the player. The player then has 30 seconds has to grab the bucks and stick them onto his body made sticky from the syrup for a maximum of $200.

In-Store Challenge[]

This is the second in-store challenge in an actual Kmart. One player is suspended over a dunk tank and will throw detergent pod shaped bean bags into a basket. Next to the player is a board shaped like a dirty T-shirt with various stains on it. Some stains have a prize name on it and some are blank or "ground in." The second player is placed in a spinning washing machine and has to throw the bean bags that fall into the basket at the stains on the shirt. The player throwing has one minute to try to win all the prizes. For every stain with a prize in it hit, the players will win the prize. However, if the bean bags hits a blank ground in stain, the other player is dunked. The game continues until time runs out. Five prizes are possible.

To-Pay Day![]

Eight people are presented to the players, all but one have real hair, one is only wearing a toupee. The players will have one guess to find who has the toupee in order to win a prize package. To make it easier, the players will participate in a physical challenge to eliminate wrong picks. The players wear a belt with a spatula on it, they will have one minute to flip the hamburger patties onto grills. A Blue Light Crew places the patty on the spatula and the player has to flip it from a designated line. Every time a patty lands on a grill, the players eliminate one person who doesn't have a toupee, the patty has to stay on the grill without falling off. When the game is finished, the incorrect guesses are eliminated and the players then have to choose who has the toupee by grabbing the persons hair and pulling on it. If the toupee comes off, the players win a prize package.

Sponge Bath[]

Two players are dressed in an outfit full of sponges. They have to jump into a tank of water and saturate the sponges. Afterward, the players then have to run through a giant wringer to a tub with a rubber duck in it and group hug each other to squeeze the water out of the sponges, and then repeat the two above steps. The players have two minutes to get as much water in the tub as possible. For every line on the tub of water they fill the duck rises up to, the players win a prize for a maximum of three prizes.

Bonus Round - Blue Light Mountain[]

All contestants participate in this two part challenge. One member of each team starts in a pit of blue balloons. When the game starts, all the players have to pop the balloons by sitting on them. Three of them have a mountain pass in them. The first three players to find a mountain pass will be able to move on to the second part of the round while the remaining players are eliminated. The three remaining players will then have two minutes to climb Blue Light Mountain, a giant slippery foam mountain covered with tags raging in values from $1,000 to $20,000 in Kmart Shopyourway credit. The higher up the mountain and more difficult to get to the tags are, the more value they have. Players will have to scale the mountain and grab the tags, each player can get only one tag at a time, they then have to go back down the mountain and hand the tag to their partner before getting another one. The game continues until the two minutes are up or all the tags are found. Each team gets that amount they grabbed in Shopyourway points for Kmart. The team that finds the most value in tags also gets $100,000 more in credit as well.


This is the third game show sponsored by Kmart after National Bingo Night and Arrasa con Todo con Kmart (Sweep it All with Kmart).


Chuck Dalaklis

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