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A person has three people to pick a date from, but they aren't going to judge them by look or charm; instead, they are going to pick them based on their rooms.


MTV: 10/13/2003 – 5/13/2009


On the show, three men or women have their rooms inspected (or "raided") by another single man or woman (usually a member of the opposite sex, but some episodes are gay-themed). The "raider" does not meet or see any of the three singles (any personal photographs of the contestant are removed from the room or covered with a smiley face sticker) and chooses to go on a date with one of them based on the contents of their rooms. The three contestants watch and comment, while sitting in a van, as their rooms are inspected. After the "raider" has finished with each of the rooms, the three contestants then raid the raider's room. Finally, the raider confronts the three contestants and makes his or her choice.

International Version[]

In Lithuania, the show debuted in 2010 on channel LNK.


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