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CMT: 4/2/2009 - 7/10/2009
Bischoff Hervey Entertainment
Insomnia Media

Runnin' Wild... From Ted Nugent (or Running Wild...From Ted Nugent) was a short-lived, eight episode only competition series in which iconic rocker, hunter and modern-day Davy Crocket Ted Nugent teaches ordinary people how to survive in the wild and then invade "the master" Nugent (along with his very own son Rocco) themselves.


The series features competitors who struggle in the wilderness-based endurance challenges that were created by Nugent along with his "by then" 18 year old son Rocco with only one competitor emerging as the winner.

In each one-hour episode, Nugent instructs three competitors on one of what he calls the "Big Five of Survival", which includes psychology of survival, shelter, water, fire and food and will. Then design an obstacle centered on that skill. The lessons learned in each episode will be put to the test in the "Big Hunt" as the competitors try to survive on their own all-the-while both Nugent and Rocco will then attempt to hunt them down. In this twist on the competition/elimination format, Nugent will determine the outcome himself at the end of each episode.


The show was also sometimes called Runnin' Wild with Ted Nugent.

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