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Title Genre
Sabado en Grande Regional (Puerto Rico)
Sabado Gigante Variety
Safecrackers Pilot
Safeword Comedy
Sale of the Century Quiz, General Knowledge
Samantha Brown's Cash Attack Reality
Sam's Game Reality, Poker, Gambling, Adult
Sand Wars Special
Sandblast Themed show
Santa's Baking Blizzard Reality
Santas in the Barn Reality
Satellite Bingo Bingo
The Sauce Dancing
Save to Win Consumer
Say It with Acting Charades
Say the Word Pilot
Say What? Karaoke Music
Say When!! Gambling
Says Who? Panel Game
Says You! Radio, Panel Game
Scared Famous Reality
Scaredy Camp Reality, Action & Adventure
Scattergories Board Game Conversion
The Scholar Childrens
Scholars for Dollars Quiz, Academic, Regional (New York)
Scholars' Bowl Quiz, Academic, Regional (Virginia)
Scholars' Cup Quiz, Academic, Regional (Illinois)
Scholastic Hi-Q Quiz, Academic, Regional (Illinois)
Scholastic Scrimmage Quiz, Academic, Regional (Pennsylvania)
Science of Love: A Modern Dating Experiment Dating
Score Music, Dating
Scrabble Board Game Conversion
The Scrabble Challenge Board Game Conversion
Scrabble Showdown Board Game Conversion
Scramble Childrens
Scramby Amby Radio, Quiz
Scream for Millions Lottery, Regional (Maryland)
Scream If You Know The Answer! Reality
Scream Play Reality
Scream Queens Reality
Search & Record Stunts & Dares
The Search for America's Next Equestrian Star Stunts & Dares, Racing
The Search for the Funniest Mom In America Reality
The Search for the Next Elvira Stnuts & Dares
Search Party Stunts & Dares, Reality, Celebrity, Adult
Second Chance (1) Radio
Second Chance (2) Gambling
Second Chance Sweepstakes Lottery, Regional (Ohio)
Second Generation Radio
Second Guess Pilot
Second Guessers Puzzle, Survey
Second Honeymoon (1) Radio
Second Honeymoon (2) Relationship
Second Honeymoon (3) Family Game
Secret Talents Of The Stars Variety
Secrets and Rumors
Secrets of the Cryptkeeper's Haunted House Childrens
Seducing Cindy Dating
Seeing Stars Celebrity
See What You Know Reality
Sense and Nonsense Childrens, Regional (New York)
Sense or Nonsense Puzzle
Separation Anxiety Relationship
Seriously, Dude, I'm Gay Relationship
Set For Life Big Prize
Seven Keys Board Game Conversion
Sex Wars Quiz, General Knowledge
Sexiest Bachelor in America Pageant Reality
Sez Who? Radio
Shadow Stumpers Puzzle
Shapeshifter Observation
Shaq's Big Challenge Reality
Shaq VS. Sport
Sharaize Charades
Shark Tank Reality
She's Got Game Dating
She's Got The Look Reality
Shear Genius Reality
Shedding for the Wedding Relationship
Shenanigans Childrens
Shipmates Dating
Shoot for Love Dating
Shoot for the Stars (1) Panel Game
Shoot for the Stars (2) Puzzle
Shoot the Works Puzzle
Shooting Stars: Salute to Service Reality
Shop Class Childrens, Reality
Shop 'til You Drop Lifestyle, Shopping
Shopper's Bazaar Puzzle
Shopper's Casino Shopping, Gambling
The Shopping Game
Shopping Spree (1) Shopping
Shopping Spree (2) Shopping
The Shot Reality
A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila Dating
Shotgun Quiz, General Knowledge
Shotmakers Reality, Sport
El Show de Don Cheto Variety
El Show de Lagrimita y Costel Variety
The Show Goes On Radio
Show Me Quiz, Themed (Improvisation)
Show Me the Money Big Prize
Show Us Your Wits Quiz, General Knowledge
Showdown Quiz, General Knowledge
Showhouse Showdown Reality
Showoffs Stunts & Dares
Showtime in Harlem Variety
Shuffle: The Interactive Game Quiz, Interactive
Siberia Mockumentary
Sigmund Spaeth's Musical Quiz Radio
Signed Music
Silent Library Stunts & Dares
Silent Partners Unsold Pilot
Simon Says... Stunts & Dares
The Sims Spark'd Reality, Video Games
Since You've Been Gone Themed show
Sing for Your Dough Radio, Music
Sing for Your Supper (1) Radio, Quiz, Music
Sing for Your Supper (2) Music
Sing It Again Music
Sing it On Music
Sing On! Music
Sing Out Music
Sing Your Face Off Reality, Music
The Sing-Off Music
The Singing Bee Music
The Singing Office Music
Singled Out Dating
Singo Music, Radio
Sisqo's Shakedown Dancing
Skating With Celebrities Variety
Skating with the Stars Variety
Skating's Next Star Reality
Skedaddle Childrens
Skin Wars Reality
Skin Wars: Fresh Paint Reality, Spinoff
Skyrider Quiz Radio
Slime Survivor Childrens, Stunts & Dares, Non-Broadcast Pilots
Slime Time Childrens
Slime Time Live! Childrens
Slingo Quiz, General Knowledge
Small Talk Family
The Smart Alecks (1) Quiz, General Knowledge
The Smart Alecks (2) Panel Game
Smart Money Consumer, Shopping
The Smarter Sex Relationship
Smoked Cooking
Smush Puzzle
Snack-Off Cooking
Snap Decision Comedy
Snap Judgment Puzzle, Word Association
Snaps Reality
Snoop Dogg Presents The Joker's Wild
So This is Love Radio, Dating
So You Think You Can Dance Variety
So You Think You Got Troubles?! Panel Game
So You Think You Know Music Radio, Quiz, Themed (Music)
So You Want to Lead a Band Radio, Music
Soccer Superstar Childrens
Solitary Reality
A Song is Born Radio, Music
Songland Reality, Music
Songs for Sale Music
South of Wilshire Quiz, Themed
Sox Appeal Dating
Sparring Partners Quiz, General Knowledge
Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge Reality
Speed Road Tour Challenge Reality
Spell Binders Puzzle, Word Association
Spell-Mageddon Word Game
Spelling Bee Radio, Quiz, Themed (Spelling)
Spellround Word Game, Regional (Tennessee)
Spend a Million Radio
$pend it Fa$t! Shopping
Spin-Off (1) Quiz, General Knowledge, Gambling
Spin-Off (2) Childrens
Spin and Win Radio
Spin the Picture Interactive
Spin to Win Radio
Spin the Wheel Themed Quiz, Pop Culture
Splash Celebrity, Sport, Stunts & Dares
Splat! Childrens
Splatalot Childrens
Split Decision Gambling
Split Personality Puzzle
Split Second Quiz, General Knowledge
Splitting the Difference Pilot
Sponk! Childrens
Sports Challenge Quiz, Themed (Sports)
Sports Geniuses Quiz, Themed (Sports)
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search Reality
Sports Jeopardy! Quiz, Themed (Sports)
Sports on Tap Quiz, Themed (Sports)
Sports Snapshot! Quiz, Themed (Sports)
Spring Baking Championship Spinoff
Spring Break Challenge Quiz, Themed
Sprite Step-Off Dancing
Spy Games Reality
Sqrambled Scuares Puzzle, Regional, (Carolinas)
Square One Television Childrens
S.R.O. Radio
Stand Up and Be Counted!
Star Cluster Panel Game, Matching
Star Dates Dating
Star for a Night Radio
Star Games Stunts & Dares
Star Kids Challenge Childrens
Star Play Puzzle, Stunts & Dares
Star Search Variety
Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge Action & Adventure
Star Words Puzzle, Word Association
Starcade Themed (Video Games)
StarFace Quiz, Themed (Celebrities)
The Starlet Reality
Stars Earn Stripes Reality
Stars in Danger: The High Dive Reality
Stateline Quiz Bowl Quiz, Academic (Illinois)
Steampipe Alley Variety, Regional (New York)
Steampunk'd Reality
Step It Up & Dance Dancing
Step Up to the Plate Food
Steve Austin's Broken Skull Challenge Reality
Steve Harvey's Big Time Challenge Variety
Steve Harvey's Funderdome Reality
Stop Me If You've Heard This One Panel Game
Stop or Go Radio
Stop That Villain Radio
Stop the Music Music
Storm the Castle Stunts & Dares
Storybook Squares Childrens
Stove Tots Reality (Food)
Straight to the Heart Dating
Stranded With a Million Dollars Reality
Street Art Throwdown Reality
Street Match Dating
Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings Reality
Street Smarts Quiz
Strictly Confidental Pilot
Strike a Match Pilot
Strike it Rich (1) Quiz, General Knowledge
Strike it Rich (2) Quiz, General Knowledge, Gambling
Strip Poker Gambling, Cards, Adult
Strip Search Reality
Strong Reality
The Strongest Man in History Reality
Studio 7 Quiz, General Knowledge
Studs Dating
Stump the Schwab Quiz, Themed (Sports)
Stump the Stars Stunts & Dares
Stumpers! Puzzle
Style Me with Rachel Hunter Lifestyle
Styled to Rock Reality
Stylista Reality
The Substitute Quiz, Academic
Sugar Dome Food
Sugar Rush
Sugar Showdown Cooking
Suit Yourself (1) Radio
Suit Yourself (2) Pilot
Summer Camp Reality
Sunday Best Reality, (Music)
Super Agent Reality
Super Bingo Bingo
Super Cash Sweepstakes Lottery, Regional (Iowa)
Super Decades Quiz, Interactive
Super Ghost Panel Game
Super Jeopardy! Quiz, General Knowledge
Super Password Puzzle, Word Association
Super Pay Cards! Gambling
Super Sabado Regional (Puerto Rico)
Super Saver Showdown Reality
Super Sloppy Double Dare Childrens
Super Special Double Dare Childrens
Superhuman Special
Supermarket Stakeout Cooking
Supermarket Superstar Cooking
Supermarket Sweep Lifestyle, Shopping, Consumer
The Superstars Sports
Superstars of Dance Dancing
Surf Girls Reality
Surprise Package Radio
Surprise, Surprise, Surprise Variety
Surprise Wedding Reality
Surprise With Jenny McCarthy Reality
The Surreal Life: Fame Games Reality
Survey Says! Quiz, Themed, Surveys, Regional (Massachusetts)
Survival Live Reality
Survival of the Richest Reality
Survive This Childrens
Surviving Nugent Reality
Survivor Reality
The Swan Panel Game
Swap Meet Showdown Reality
Swaps Dating
Sweat Inc. Reality
Sweet Genius Food, Reality
Sweet Home Alabama Dating
Sweethearts Dating
Syfy Wire's The Great Debate Celebrity