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This is an episode guide covering 1989 of the NBC run of Sale of the Century. Only three months of Sale were aired on NBC as the series was cancelled as of Easter weekend, March 24, 1989.


No episode aired on January 2 due to live coverage of the Fiesta Bowl parade, since New Year's Day was on a Sunday that year. Also, there was no episode aired on January 20 due to live coverage of the Presidential inauguration.

Ep. # NBC Airdate Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
1531 1/3/1989 Richard Victoria Kerry
1532 1/4/1989 Todd Jill Kerry
1533 1/5/1989 Bill Janet Kerry
1534 1/6/1989 Nick Cheryl Kerry Skipped by GSN, but an original broadcast has surfaced on YouTube.
1535 1/9/1989 Jim Julie Kerry
1536 1/10/1989 Steve LaRae Kerry LaRae defeated Steve and Kerry by a landslide. Kerry was in line to go for the car on that day.
1537 1/11/1989 Pat Don LaRae
1538 1/12/1989 Paula John LaRae
1539 1/13/1989 Ann Jamie LaRae
1540 1/16/1989 Barbara Sam LaRae
1541 1/17/1989 C.J. Paul LaRae
1542 1/18/1989 Abbe Jaye Harvey LaRae Jim referenced at the top of the episode, Kerry Phillips was in line to go for the car on the seventh day and was defeated by LaRae Dillman. This was LaRae Dillman's seventh day and it was the car level that she was going for.

LaRae missed a critical puzzle on Socrates in the Winner's Big Money Game, and ended up not winning the car. It was revealed at the end of the episode that this was LaRae's last day regardless had she won the car or not.

1543 1/19/1989 Jackie Ray Philly
1544 1/23/1989 Craig Eileen Ray
1545 1/24/1989 Victor Robin Craig
1546 1/25/1989 Don Judy Victor
1547 1/26/1989 Robb Kathleen Don
1548 1/27/1989 Leo Teri Robb
1549 1/30/1989 Charlie Laura Leo
1550 1/31/1989 Steve Lori Charlie


Ep. # NBC Airdate Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
1551 2/1/1989 Lou Dawna Steve
1552 2/2/1989 Robert Lisa Steve BUZZR aired this on May 24, 2022.
1553 2/3/1989 Ray Lisa Robert BUZZR aired this on May 25, 2022; the Lisa from this episode is different from the last episode.
1554 2/6/1989 Paul Laurel Robert
1555 2/7/1989 Tony Karen Robert
1556 2/8/1989 N/A Gail Robert
  • Gail becomes the final female returning champion in the series
  • Both BUZZR & GSN skipped this episode
1557 2/9/1989 Judy Michael Gail
1558 2/10/1989 Bob Lee Michael
1559 2/13/1989 Stacey Judi Susan Brides Week Day 1
  • $5,000 was won on the Winner's Big Money Game.
1560 2/14/1989 Sheryl Lisa Stella Brides Week Day 2
  • $5,000 was won on the Winner's Big Money Game again.
1561 2/15/1989 Susan Dorothy Christine Brides Week Day 3
  • $5,000 was won on the Winner's Big Money Game yet again.
1562 2/16/1989 Marlene Lori Sharon Brides Week Day 4
  • Two of the Money Cards were hit.
  • $2,000 was won again at the Instant Cash.
  • $5,000 was won on the Winner's Big Money Game for the fourth day in a row.
1563 2/17/1989 Karen Trudy Heidi Brides Week Day 5
  • $5,000 was won on the Winner's Big Money Game today, making it a clean sweep; for it was won every day this week.
  • During the final segment, all five winners from the week were invited back to play a special round by using the Fame Game randomizer to stop the board. The Winner's Big Money Game podium was used for that purpose. The number contestants stop on determines the winner.
1564 2/20/1989 Pat Katie Bob
1565 2/21/1989 Matt Kathy Pat
1566 2/22/1989 Charles Mary Pat
1567 2/23/1989 Kevin Christa Pat
1568 2/24/1989 Jim Christine Kevin
1569 2/27/1989 Michael Laurel Kevin
  • With just 1 second showing on the WBMG clock and two words of the deciding puzzle -- "Spring holiday" showing -- Kevin says "Easter" to win $7,000. (The other words were "when bunny brings eggs."); setting the stage for the suspense was longer-than-expected play on the first question, as Kevin needed all six words to solve that question about Little Red Riding Hood, but he recovered on the next three questions to secure victory. Along $2,190 ruby and diamond ring and earring set for winning the game, his winnings total is $22,013.
  • Kevin wins on a tiebreaking question after tying Laurel 75-75 at the end of the Speedround. Announcer Don Morrow noted during the credits that the original question was discarded due to a production problem.
1570 2/28/1989 Darrell Stephanie Kevin


The series would go on hiatus from March 6-17, with the lifestyle TV series At Rona's taking its place. Sale would be back on air on March 20 for one final week of shows.

Ep. # NBC Airdate Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
1571 3/1/1989 Jake Ceacy Darrell
1572 3/2/1989 Bernie Cyndi Darrell
1573 3/3/1989 Mike Cynthia Darrell
  • Prior to a Garage Sale, Jim mentions the show would be going off the air soon, and hinted about major prizes being offered during the final week of shows. During the final segment, Jim again refers to the two-week hiatus, which would run March 6-17.
1574 3/20/1989 John Nansi Darrell
  • Final Week on NBC. This Week was taped on February 16, 1989.
  • The car during the final week was a Jeep Cherokee Pioneer 4 dr. SUV.
1575 3/21/1989 Ray Terrie Darrell
1576 3/22/1989 Kurt Cher Darrell
  • In his final WBMG, a slipup on a question about a cricket -- Jiminy Cricket -- ultimately costs Darrell the car, a Jeep Cherokee Pioneer worth $19,208. His WBMG record was 5-2, which according to Jim was among the best of long-running champions during the WBMG era. Darrell's final grand total is $79,348, of which $42,900 is cash.
  • Darrell was informed that if he won the car, he would retire undefeated. This could imply that the $50,000 top prize was abolished by this point. Despite this, Don Morrow's opening spiel still includes a reference to the top cash prize.
  • Not aired on USA Network, but did later air on GSN.
1577 3/23/1989 John Gina Ted
  • Brief footage from Darrell Garrison's final show was shown during the intro.
  • Three new players this episode.
  • Never aired on USA Network, but did later air on GSN.
  • A final Garage Sale containing prizes totaling $8,600 was offered for $10 - which included the "infamous" fish-shaped soup tureen. Gina buys the package for $5!
  • Gina wins an Instant Cash jackpot of $16,000.
  • John becomes the new champion, and plays for $5,000.
1578 3/24/1989 Frank Jody Lee John
  • In this, the final episode of the series:
    • John Rambo is the final champion. (Jim asks if he gets teased about his name, which he shares with the Sylvester Stallone character.)
    • John picks up the final two regular Instant Bargains, a day spa package worth $600 and a package that included a reconditioned stereo jukebox and flowers worth $2,395, plus $800 in extra cash offers. However, he passes on the final Instant Cash, which was worth $1,000, leading Jim to remove the card and quip that the Instant Cash will be worth nothing next time.
    • The final Fame Game question was John Wilkes Booth, which John guesses and picks up the final prize, a $659 dishwasher.
    • John is the final champion, pulling away in the Speedround. The final prize is a woman's gold watch worth $3,790.
    • John wins the final WBMG round for $6,000; the winning puzzle's answer is "spider," the creature that frightened Miss Muffet away.
    • With the addition of a $500 set of lamps picked up in the first Fame Game, John ends as the final champion with $18,480. Jody Lee picks up some raincoats from the second Fame Game to go with her $25 cash score; Frank, despite giving a tough challenge to John, leaves with just $55.
  • Broadcast history:
    • On the East Coast, the final 10-15 minutes of the original broadcast was pre-empted due to breaking news coverage about the Exxon Valdez oil spill.
    • Not rerun as part of USA Network's rerun package, but did later air on GSN.
  • Closing segment:
    • Jim, along with his wife June and all of the cast and crew, grouped together for his emotional farewell speech. Balloons and streamers fell from the ceiling.
    • Just before the Reg Grundy Productions logo was shown, "THE END" was displayed below the show's logo. As Don Morrow signed off the show, footage from the control room was shown, with the crew counting down the final four or five seconds, then saying "fade to black", ending an over six-year run on NBC.