This is an episode guide covering 1985 of the syndicated run of Sale of the Century.

January[edit | edit source]

During the first week, the opening sequence shows flashing cash jackpot chyron graphic instead of $100,000 when the briefcase of money is shown after the week's featured car is shown.

Ep. # Airdate Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
S-001 1/7/1985 Jack Andra Buck First episode of the syndicated series.
S-002 1/8/1985 Paul Colleen Buck
S-003 1/9/1985 Glenn Audrey Paul
S-004 1/10/1985 Ric Ellen Paul
S-005 1/11/1985 Jeff Judy Paul On the third Fame Game, Paul buzzed-in and was hesitated when he answered "William Shakespeare" just after the buzzer sounded, which was the correct answer. Because Jim had revealed the correct answer, Paul was ineligible to answer as a substitute Fame Game question is played.
S-006 1/14/1985 Phyllis Vince Judy
S-007 1/15/1985 Randi Nick Phyllis
S-008 1/16/1985 Gerry Wanda Nick Episode skipped by Buzzr, but did previously air on GSN.
S-009 1/17/1985 Greg Joy Gerry
S-010 1/18/1985 Robert Maggie Greg
S-011 1/21/1985 Hal Mariann Greg
S-012 1/22/1985 Jean Bill Mariann
S-013 1/23/1985 Beth Ron Mariann
S-014 1/24/1985 Dennis Judith Ron
S-015 1/25/1985 John Susie Ron "When there's something strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call?" John buzzes in and answers Mister Rogers.
S-016 1/28/1985 John Alex Ron
  • Skipped by GSN, but did later air on Buzzr.
  • Starting with this episode, the target scores are revised to the familiar
    $85-$175-$260-$340-$445-$530-$640-$750. The price gap between the fifth-level prize and the car was noticeably lowered from $125 to $85, a drop of $40, although the gaps between the car and the Lot, and the Lot (without the cash jackpot) and the Lot plus the cash jackpot remain at $110 each.
  • Start of John Goss' run.
  • The game is a close match between John and Ron, but John dethrones the champion, $80 to $75.
  • John buys all three Instant Bargains: an ice cream machine worth $400 (with bonus cash of $100, sold for $5), two color TV sets worth $878 (with a Sale Surprise of $600, sold for $10), and a trip to Miami Beach worth $2000 (with bonus cash of $300, sold for $15). Impressive for his first game.
  • Though John is in the lead for most of the game, Ron takes the lead before the Speed Round with the help of the $25 Money Card. Had John not found the $10 Money Card during the first Fame Game, he would have lost.
  • Despite the heated competition, Alex gets enough questions right during the game to finish with a modest $50.
  • Ron's final winnings total is $2,300.
S-017 1/29/1985 Clay Donna John
S-018 1/30/1985 Tom Diana John
S-019 1/31/1985 Pat Yooh John

February[edit | edit source]

Ep. # Airdate Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
S-020 2/1/1985 David Catherine John
S-021 2/4/1985 Van Sandra John
  • Cash jackpot: $70,000
  • John wins with a score of 105, bringing his bank to $585. At the beginning of the Speedround, he has a score of 50, leading Van by just $5, and Sandra by $10, but pulls away with 11 correct answers.
  • John opts to play on, declining the Nissan 300ZX T-top coupe ($23,794) after having been intrigued by a 26-day South American tour that he is told about.
  • Off the Fame Game board, Van wins a wood-burning stove worth $950, while Sandra takes dinnerware and cookware to come away with $1,200-plus in winnings.
S-022 2/5/1985 ??? ??? John
  • Skipped by both GSN and Buzzr, but did previously air on USA Network.
  • Seating order for the challengers is unknown, but their names are J.B. and Linda.
  • John ends the day with $655, declining the Lot for the opportunity to go for everything plus the cash jackpot.
S-023 2/6/1985 Chip Naomi John
  • John Goss becomes the first Lot winner on the syndicated version of Sale, winning a $72,000 cash jackpot to amass total winnings of $156,339.
  • Among his Lot winnings: a Jayco tent trailer ($3,695), a computer and rolltop desk ($4,876), a woman's ring ($6,250, from Jewels by Edwar), a hand-crafted dining room ($9,148), a 26-day South American tour ($12,170) and a Nissan 300ZX T-top coupe ($23,794). The lot and jackpot together were worth $131,933.
  • John picks up $500 cash and a paging system worth $299 from the Fame Game.
  • John came into the game with $655, needing $95 to secure the entire lot, and -- upon answering a Speedround question within the last 10 seconds -- secures exactly what was needed to win in a game where he was otherwise never seriously threatened.
  • The normal end-of-game cue plays upon John securing victory, although the "big win" music plays over the end credits.
S-024 2/7/1985 Bill Pam Ed
  • Cash jackpot: $50,000
  • Ed wins with a score of $50.
  • Ed buys a set of Pinseeker golf clubs ($1,021) in the second Instant Bargain and $1,000 from the Fame Game. Bill buys a $500 gift certificate to Rockaway Records (plus an additional $100 from Jim's pocket) and (via Dutch auction) a $2,278 trip to Aruba (plus a $800 Sale Surprise) during the Instant Bargain segments, plus a pearl necklace ($515) from the Fame Game board, to come away with $4,236 in cash and prizes for the day.
  • Pam rings in once during the entire game, correctly answering a question during the Speed Round.
S-025 2/8/1985 Nick Rose Ed
S-026 2/11/1985 Bob Debrah Nick Skipped by GSN, but did later air on Buzzr.
S-027 2/12/1985 Ron Nancy Bob
S-028 2/13/1985 Steve Wanda Ron
S-029 2/14/1985 Stan Hilary Ron
S-030 2/15/1985 Don Diana Preston
S-031 2/18/1985 George Helaine Preston
  • Helaine begins her run and wins with a score of $80.
  • Preston leaves with total winnings of over $2,900.
S-032 2/19/1985 Rhonda Anthony Helaine Helaine's winning score is an impressive $120.
S-033 2/20/1985 Laurie Dave Helaine
  • It's a closer game for Helaine this time, and she even trails for a good portion of it, but she climbs back and wins with $74.
  • Both Laurie and Dave put up a good fight and tie at $60.
  • No one wins the second Fame Game, which was about Libya.
S-034 2/21/1985 Susan Eric Helaine Assisted by the $10 Money Card, Helaine wins with $95.
S-035 2/22/1985 Kit Rick Helaine Helaine's winning score is $124.
S-036 2/25/1985 Jack Dick Helaine Helaine's winning score is $100.
S-037 2/26/1985 Renee David Helaine
  • Helaine continues to post high numbers, winning with $110.
  • Helaine turns down the opportunity to take home $66,850 in prizes to play for everything.
S-038 2/27/1985 Karin Vince Helaine
  • Helaine Lowry becomes the second Lot winner on the syndicated series. She enters the show with $703, and comes away with $142,974, including a $64,000 cash jackpot.
  • Karin pushes Helaine throughout the show, taking a $5 lead going into the final Fame Game segment, but a wrong guess on that Fame Game question about Cuba's largest city (correct answer: Havanna; Karin's guess was Mexico City) and four incorrect answers in the speed round prove costly in the upset attempt.
  • Karin's final score was $65, while Helaine would triumph with $80.
  • The normal end-of-game cue plays upon Helaine securing victory, as well as the normal cues when the show goes to and from commercial, although the "big win" music plays over the end credits.
  • Among the Lot prizes: A leather and birchwood living room ($3,731, Vin Landia) dune buggy ($6,100, Sand Toys), a jukebox ($8,000, Jukeboxes for Rent), a 16-day trip to Switzerland ($9,000), a 14K diamond bracelet ($12,000, from Jewels by Edwar) and a BMW 528e 4-Door Sedan ($28,019).
  • During the outro, Helaine remarks that the car has a manual transmission ... and doesn't know how to drive one.
  • Capping off Helaine's winnings include a man's suit and sports coat ($520, Botany 500) and a color TV ($300, Panasonic), both from the Fame Game.
S-039 2/28/1985 Emory Linda Skip
  • Cash jackpot resets at $50,000.
  • Skip wins with 70, clipping Linda in the last second of the Speedround by correctly identifying Harriet Beecher Stowe as the author of "Uncle Tom's Cabin."
  • Linda buys a week-long trip to Hawaii for $1,996 in the third Instant Bargain; she is tied with Skip at 45 going into that Instant Bargain, and Linda buys one Jim knocks down the value to $8 (from its initial $16). A $1,000 Sale Surprise is included. She finds the $15 Money Card in the final Fame Game to take the lead going into the Speedround (she earlier won $500 from the Fame Game), but it will not be enough; she leaves with $3,563 as the only prize-winner of the day.
  • Emory leaves with just the $30 in front of him.

March[edit | edit source]

Ep. # Airdate Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
S-040 3/1/1985 Danny Judy Skip
  • Skip ends the day with $165 in his bank account.
S-041 3/4/1985 Joe Ali Skip
  • Skip has $250 in his bank account at this point, declining to buy gold and diamond leaf earclips worth $5,500 (from Van Cleef & Arpels) to continue on. During the main game's Instant Bargain segments, he will decline motorized scooters ($380, plus $100 from Jim's pocket), a Victorian dollhouse worth $1,300 (which also included a $700 Sale Surprise) and a trip to San Francisco ($1,756, plus $300 from Jim).
  • A rare game where no prizes are won or bought. Ali finds a $15 during the second Fame Game, while Joe finds the $5 and $25 Money Cards during the first and third Fame Games, respectively.
    • During the latter Fame Game segment, Joe finds "$400 or Pick Again," and it is his decision to pick again that will force a tie (at 70) going into the Speed Round. Joe will push Skip the rest of the way -- Skip seals his win at the last second, by correctly identifying Scarlett O'Hara as the literary character who lived on a plantation named Tara -- but two wrong answers to start things off will derail Joe's hopes at victory.
  • Starting with this episode, Jay's introductory spiel begins, "Today, on America's biggest bargain sale..."
S-042 3/5/1985 Barry Ede Skip
S-043 3/6/1985 Kevin Bobbin Skip
S-044 3/7/1985 Blaine Pat Skip
S-045 3/8/1985 Mick Debra Skip
  • In a very close game, Mick defeats Skip, $60 to $57. Debra was not far behind at $50, helped by finding the $25 Money Card in the third Fame Game.
  • The third Instant Bargain is a trip to Hawaii normally worth $2,176. Jim cuts the price down from $16 to $8 and offers an additional $700 in spending money. Skip takes the bargain, though this ultimately contributes to his defeat.
  • Skip's total winnings are $5,067.
S-046 3/11/1985 Arnie Melinda Mick
S-047 3/12/1985 Gordon Shelli Mick
S-048 3/13/1985 John Sheila Mick
S-049 3/14/1985 Steve Devera John
S-050 3/15/1985 Jay Suzy Steve
S-051 3/18/1985 Ernie Sandy Steve
S-052 3/19/1985 Joe Janet Steve
S-053 3/20/1985 Michael Laurie Joe
S-054 3/21/1985 Ron Lynne Michael
S-055 3/22/1985 Mitch Lori Michael
S-056 3/25/1985 Chuck Bev Michael
S-057 3/26/1985 Charles Adrianne Michael
S-058 3/27/1985 Brian Cindi Michael
S-059 3/28/1985 Ken Nancy Michael
S-060 3/29/1985 Matt Judi Michael

April[edit | edit source]

Ep. # Airdate Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
S-061 4/1/1985 Wil Alice Michael
  • In the only instance during the syndicated run, a champion playing for the Lot plus the cash jackpot is defeated, as Alice begins her championship run by dethroning Michael, $120 to $75.
  • Michael's final score of $75 is the highest number of points/cash that anyone puts up against Alice during her six-day run.
  • Wil is never a factor in the game, his lone highlight finding a $10 Money Card in the first Fame Game.
  • Alice leads Michael 85-60 going into the speed round, Michael having found a $299 paging system in the final Fame Game; had he picked No. 1, he would have found the $25 Money Card and created a tie. Alice correctly answers seven questions to win going away.
  • Michael, who needed a winning score of 101 to secure the Lot and the jackpot, leaves with $18,100; his winnings include trips to New York and Toronto and $5,700 in cash.
  • Michael leads early in the game and declines the first Instant Bargain, which is a $500 waterskiing package. Alice, who gets untracked after the first Fame Game question, declines the first two of her 17 Instant Bargains she is in on: a stereo TV and a motor scooter; she picks up a $400 wicker dinette set in the second Fame Game as her first prize, passing up the Mystery Money.
S-062 4/2/1985 Myrna John Alice
S-063 4/3/1985 Peter Don Alice Alice's winning score, $145, is likely the highest in the syndicated run of Sale of the Century.
S-064 4/4/1985 Linda Curt Alice
S-065 4/5/1985 Jeff Richard Alice
S-066 4/8/1985 Irwin Chuck Alice
  • Alice Conkright caps off a six-day run with an easy victory, defeating her challengers with a score of $115, more than enough to come away with $141,406, including a $77,000 cash jackpot.
  • Among her Lot winnings: a motorized Hasslebot anniversary camera ($2,999, via Sammy's Camera), an audio-video entertainment system ($6,000, via Green and Roberts), $7,084 in gold coins via Dic Ferrera, a sunburst-accented fur jacket ($8,500, Dicker and Dicker), a 15-day Alaskan/Northern Lights cruise ($10,720) and an Audi 5000S 4-Door Sedan ($23,972, to replace her 13-year-old car). The total: $136,275.
  • The "big win" music and sirens play and sound upon Alice's victory.
  • During her run, Alice turns down more than $20,000 in Instant Bargains, not counting $11,000 that was offered either from Jim's pocket or as Sale Surprises. The final two Instant Bargains declined included a collector's-edition Cabbage Patch doll (worth $950); and a week-long Mexican cruise worth $1,590, the latter of which includes a $2,000 cash offer from a clearly-desperate Jim.
  • The additional $5,131 (including $2,800 in cash) Alice does pick up all come from the Fame Game board.
  • For the first time in a week, a contestant buys an Instant Bargain; there is an early three-way tie, and Irwin immediately buys an aviator's chronograph worth $570 for $5, prompting Jim to remark, "I finally sold an Instant Bargain! I've forgotten how!" From the Fame Game, Chuck picks up $450 in wallpaper from Mitchell Designs while Alice ices her total with $600.
S-067 4/9/1985 Steve Elizabeth Mitch
S-068 4/10/1985 Carol Bill Elizabeth
S-069 4/11/1985 Larry Laura Elizabeth
S-070 4/12/1985 Dave Gabriel Elizabeth
S-071 4/15/1985 Sandy Kathleen Dave
S-072 4/16/1985 Alan Liz Wally
S-073 4/17/1985 Brian Suzanne Alan
S-074 4/18/1985 Jim Judy Brian
S-075 4/19/1985 M.J. Adrienne Dave
S-076 4/22/1985 Ron Patricia Mike
S-077 4/23/1985 Frank Jack Patricia
S-078 4/24/1985 Walt Victoria Frank
S-079 4/25/1985 Duane Valerie Frank
S-080 4/26/1985 Phil Lynne Tom
S-081 4/29/1985 Hope Marty Lynne
S-082 4/30/1985 Shelby Rich Lynne

May[edit | edit source]

Ep. # Airdate Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
S-083 5/1/1985 Pam Paul Lynne
S-084 5/2/1985 Giovan John Lynne
S-085 5/3/1985 Suze Michael Lynne
S-086 5/6/1985 Joel Nikki Michael
S-087 5/7/1985 Jim Eileen Michael
S-088 5/8/1985 Greg Melissa Michael
S-089 5/9/1985 Dennis Lynn Michael Michael LaShea leaves with the car.
S-090 5/10/1985 Gary Terri Ken
S-091 5/13/1985 Lyle Dina Gary
S-092 5/14/1985 Jack Lucienne Lyle
S-093 5/15/1985 Dick Jan Jack
S-094 5/16/1985 Helen Al Jan
S-095 5/17/1985 Melanie Matt Jan Future QuizBusters host Matt Ottinger was a contestant in this episode.
S-096 5/20/1985 Lianne Jim Jan
S-097 5/21/1985 Susan Dore Jan
S-098 5/22/1985 Grace Jonathan Jan Jan took the two cars and drove off.
S-099 5/23/1985 Tony Jinni Len
S-100 5/24/1985 Tim Shirley Len
  • Season 1 finale.
  • Tim Holleran continues his incredible run into Season 2.
  • At the time, there was concern that the ratings wouldn't be enough to warrant a Season 2; had the show been cancelled, Tim would've been awarded the prize he was entitled to at that point.

September[edit | edit source]

Second and final season launched on September 16, 1985.

Ep. # Airdate Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
S-101 9/16/1985 Ed Susan Tim
S-102 9/17/1985 Raymond Melinda Tim
S-103 9/18/1985 Chip Lenore Tim
S-104 9/19/1985 Robert Verne Tim
S-105 9/20/1985 Chuck Pamela Tim
S-106 9/23/1985 Tom Susan Tim
  • Cash jackpot: $89,000
  • Tim wins the game in the final seconds of the Speed Round, his win secured only after Tom misses a question on who was Secretary of State under presidents Nixon and Ford (Tom incorrectly answered "Salinger"). Tom was behind Tim, 65-25, going into the Speed Round and trailed just 70-50 with 15 seconds to go, but rallied with three straight correct answers before it all came undone with his costly miss; had Tom said "Henry Kissinger," there would have been a tie-breaking question. Susan had also pressured Tim throughout the show, ending with $50.
  • Tom comes away with a $359 metal detector from the Fame Game. Tim picks up a suite of small kitchen appliances from Hamilton Beach ($311), bringing his winnings to $9,514.
S-107 9/24/1985 Pat Lisa Tim
  • Cash jackpot: $90,000
  • Tim becomes the fourth -- and final, during the syndicated Shopping Era -- Lot winner.
    He came into the final day with $707, needing $43 to win everything.
  • In addition to the $90,000 cash jackpot, Tim's other Lot winnings include a sauna (Abercrombe & Fitch, $3,000), a pear-shaped emerald ring ($8,000), a trip to Venice, Italy ($9,000), a grand piano ($11,471), a natural fur coat (Dicker & Dicker, $14,750), and a Alfa Romero Spyder 2-Door Roadster ($20,340). The total take: $156,561.
  • On his final day, Tim adds an $800 wood-burning stove from the Fame Game.
    Pat and Lisa also each get one Fame Game prize, Pat winning a Frigidaire stacked washer-dryer ($750) and Lisa won a Panasonic car stereo ($439).
  • Overall, Tim's winnings are $166,875, making him the biggest winner in the history of US $ale (not counting tournaments on the daytime version).
  • Tim announces he is donating part of his cash winnings to the Ambrosian Club, a charity for troubled youths.
S-108 9/25/1985 Terry Verna Jorge
S-109 9/26/1985 Rick Bonita Terry
S-110 9/27/1985 Scott Kathe Rick
S-111 9/30/1985 Robert Sue Rick

October[edit | edit source]

Ep. # Airdate Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
S-112 10/1/1985 James Nancy Rick
S-113 10/2/1985 Jim Terry James
S-114 10/3/1985 Steve Sarah James Brief footage from this episode would later be seen in the 1986 music video "Welcome to the Boomtown" by the group David & David.
S-115 10/4/1985 Neal Sharon James
S-116 10/7/1985 Mark Betty Neal
S-117 10/8/1985 Lee Judy Neal
S-118 10/9/1985 Gene Kimberly Neal
S-119 10/10/1985 Bob Diane Rich
S-120 10/11/1985 Marta David Diane Last show with the original "pick a number" rules for the Fame Game.
S-121 10/14/1985 Clark Gail David This is the day that the Fame Game board had its lights start to bounce around and stops when the player in control hits his/her buzzer.
S-122 10/15/1985 Dale Mary David
S-123 10/16/1985 Ron Mindy David
S-124 10/17/1985 Mike Ronda Ron
S-125 10/18/1985 Gayle Jerry Ronda
S-126 10/21/1985 Joyce Jerry Ronda
S-127 10/22/1985 Chris Jeannette Jerry
S-128 10/23/1985 Randy Susan Chris
S-129 10/24/1985 Jon Pamela Chris
S-130 10/25/1985 Dennis Lisa Chris
S-131 10/28/1985 David Judi Dennis Beginning with this episode, the Fame Game board's lights flash during the intro.
S-132 10/29/1985 Robert Sandi Dennis
S-133 10/30/1985 Susan Ernie Sandi
S-134 10/31/1985 Phyllis Tom Sandi

November[edit | edit source]

Ep. # Airdate Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
S-135 11/1/1985 Harold Rita Tom
S-136 11/4/1985 Bob Barbara Tom Tom decides to retire with an entertainment center. His total amount in winnings is $8,974.
S-137 11/5/1985 Lou Vicki Chris Footage of Tom winning the entertainment center is shown at the start of the episode.
S-138 11/6/1985 Sheryl Jerry Vicki
S-139 11/7/1985 Ginger Tony Vicki
S-140 11/8/1985 Aida Hugh Ginger
S-141 11/11/1985 Joyce Mark Ginger
S-142 11/12/1985 Jon Carol Mark
S-143 11/13/1985 Tony Susan Mark Tony is back from episode S-139, due to a question that might have disadvantaged him.
S-144 11/14/1985 Brad Buffy Mark
S-145 11/15/1985 Bill Lauren Brad Last episode with the shopping end game. The cash jackpot, which went unclaimed, was at $87,000. As with the transition on the daytime version, the champion, Brad was allowed to keep the prize he was playing for.
S-146 11/18/1985 Lloyd Susan Brad First episode with the Winner's Board end game.
S-147 11/19/1985 Alan Debby Brad
S-148 11/20/1985 Richard Arlyss Alan
S-149 11/21/1985 Tom Linda Alan
S-150 11/22/1985 Doug Jennifer Alan
S-151 11/25/1985 Mark Carole Alan
S-152 11/26/1985 Don Marie Alan
S-153 11/27/1985 Alan Skipped by both GSN and Buzzr, but did previously air on USA Network
S-154 11/28/1985 Willie Michele Alan
S-155 11/29/1985 Fletcher Mary Alan Last episode with the original Speed Round clock.

December[edit | edit source]

Ep. # Airdate Player 1 Player 2 Player 3
S-156 12/2/1985 Rich Pauletta Alan
  • On this episode, the Speed Round clock begins using Helvetica digits.
  • Pauletta hits a $25 Money Card in the final Fame Game to boost her to the upset victory over Alan. Alan had only the car -- this week a Ford Mustang GT convertible, worth $21,688 -- to win.
  • With his loss, Alan becomes at least the second Winner's Board-era contestant to lose on his 10th day; at least one daytime contestant at this point has lost on their 10th day, leaving just one prize -- in that instance, the $10,000 -- on the board.
  • Alan leaves with $54,237, of which $18,300 is in cash. On his last day, he tops off his total with a wardrobe of shoes from Maine West ($500) from the Fame Game; and from Instant Bargains Betty Crocker party supplies ($350) and a washer-dryer ($969, Kelvinator), where he also picks up $1,300 cash. He turned down a $740 trip to Lake Arrowhead Ranch, which included Jim's $700 cash offer, in the second Instant Bargain.
  • In bidding Alan farewell, Jim says the buying of the Instant Bargains was the difference.
    However, Pauletta hitting the $25 Money Card on the last Fame Game, and with five seconds left in the speed round and Alan and Pauletta tied at $80, Alan's incorrect guess of "Germany" on a question about the country ruled for centuries by the Habsburg Monarchy (correct answer: Austria) also were factors.
  • Rich wins a $500 silver tea service to come away with $525 on the day.
  • Pauletta wins a $3,500 sauna (Abercrombe and Fitch) from the Winner's Board.
S-157 12/3/1985 Diana Robert Pauletta
S-158 12/4/1985 Irene Bill Pauletta
S-159 12/5/1985 Shirley Ira Pauletta
S-160 12/6/1985 Jana Rocky Pauletta
  • Last episode with the Helvetica-style clock.
  • In a close game, Rocky outdoes Pauletta, $90 to $80. While Pauletta leads early in the game, she purchases the second Instant Bargain (a motorized camera along with $200 for film...along with a bonus $100 that Jim adds). Had she not done so, the game would have ended in a tie. The bargain does feature a Sale Surprise worth an additional $600.
  • After the first commercial break, Rocky has a figurine of Rocky the Flying Squirrel on his podium for good luck. This trend would continue until his loss to Curtis on S-167.
  • Rocky picks up a $4,000 trip to the Mexican Riviera from the Winner's Board.
S-161 12/9/1985 Paul Ardell Rocky On this episode, the Speed Round clock begins using Futura digits.
S-162 12/10/1985 Harold Cheryl Rocky
S-163 12/11/1985 Kirby Sheila Rocky
S-164 12/12/1985 Joseph Barbara Rocky
S-165 12/13/1985 Al Kim Rocky
  • In his highest scoring game, Rocky dominates and ends up with a final score of $139.
  • Rocky wins a Ford Thunderbird from the Winner's Board. His total winnings are $48,700.
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