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Richard Sher (1996-2015)
Barry Nolan (2015-2017)
Gregg Porter (2017-Present)
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WGBH-FM Radio: 1996 - Present

Says You! is a long-running radio word game quiz show.


The game features a group of panelists divided into two three-person teams. The two teams are made up of the show's original cast members and occasional special guest players. Teams answer a series of questions to earn up to ten points for each correct or a humorously suitable answer. As the host provides more clues, fewer points are awarded.

Rounds 1, 3, and 5 vary each week and consist of signature categories such as "What's the Difference?", "Odd Man Out", "Melded Movies", and "Common Threads", as well as a variety of miscellaneous literary wordplay.

Rounds 2 and 4 are the Bluffing Rounds. In these rounds, the three members of one team are given an obscure word (e.g. Cacafuego); one of them gets the actual definition, and the other two must bluff with fake definitions composed during a brief musical interlude. The other team attempts to determine the correct definition from the three presented. Points are awarded for guessing or bluffing successfully.

There is also a "Spotlight Round", a segment highlighting memorable rounds from the show's early years, especially of original host Richard Sher. Requests for Spotlight Rounds are submitted by listeners.

Recurring Panelists[]

  • Francine Achbar
  • Carolyn Faye Fox
  • Murray Horwitz
  • Tony Kahn
  • Paula Lyons
  • Arnie Reisman


  • Tom Bergeron made a guest appearance as a panelist.
  • This is one of the very few remaining modern radio game shows in the United States.