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The show where knowledge rules, it is a quiz bowl for high schools in the southern Illinois area.

It is filmed in the communications building in Southern Illinois University - Carbondale with students from said university participating as the filming crew.

32 high schools from southern Illinois compete in an annual elimination tournament of knowledge. Like most quiz bowls, this show has teams of four people representing their high school.

Round 1[]

A simple toss up round. Questions are read and the first team to buzz in gets a chance to answer the question. Points are awarded for a correct answer. If the answer is incorrect, the other team is given a chance to answer. Should a team buzz in while the host is still reading the question and get the answer wrong, the other team gets 5 points as well as a chance.

Round 2[]

Same as the toss up round only this time, after answering the question correctly, your team is given three additional questions and they have a few seconds to figure out the answer. Points are awarded afterward based on correct answers.

Lightning Round[]

Two categories are presented and the team with fewer points gets first choice. The team then is read questions based on the category and has to answer as many as they can in 1 minute. When time is up, the other team then gets the remaining category. The team with the most points at the end of the round is the winner.

The losing team is eliminated while the winning team moves on to continue in the next round.


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