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Robert Blesse (2005-2006)
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MTV: 2005-2007
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Score was a short lived, music-themed reality dating show where two aspiring singer-songwriters competed for a person's affection by writing and performing an original song just for him or her.


Two would be music geniuses with different tastes (i.e. Hip-Hop vs. punk, R&B vs. Pop etc.) battle to win a date with the "hottie" of their dreams by creating an original song that's was made just for them. Host Ryan Cabrera and his band worked with each contestant on everything from the lyrics to the arrangement with one goal in mind: to create the hottest track possible. The show culminates in a live performance of each song, after which the "hottie" would choose their date by following their ears, never have seen their admirers.


Host Ryan Cabrera was Ashlee Simpson's (the sister of Jessica Simpson) former boyfriend.

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