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Scott Sternberg Productions is an American television production company created by Scott Sternberg.

Other than game shows, Scott Sternberg Productions has also done reality shows such as Shatner's Raw Nerve and On the Case with Paula Zahn.

List of shows Produced by Scott Sternberg Productions[]

As Seen On... (1998-2000)
Catch 21 (2008-2011)
Ed McMahon's Next Big Star (2001-2002)
Everything Goes! (1981-1988)
Extreme Gong (1998-2000)
Go for it! TV (1999-2002)
Jep! (1998-2000)
Let's Go Back (1991-1993)
Lover or Loser (2000-2001)
That's the Question (2006-2007)
Wheel 2000 (1997-1998)



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