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Host/Inventor/Executive Producer
Randall Cunningham
Kat Ashley
Assistant Referees
Danny Lopez & Mindy Stover
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Syndication (Weekly): 9/11/1993 – 3/5/1994 (with reruns through 9/3/1994)
Let's Scramble Productions Inc./
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Scramble was a short-lived football-styled game show for kids.


Two teams of three (blue and gold) competed in a football-typed game of knowledge and stunts.

The First Three Quarters[]

The team in control would have up to four downs (chances) to reach their goal (with the ball starting at the 30-yard line at the beginning). They did that by answering questions correctly in three categories "Run", "Pass", or "Trick". Here's what question they represented and how they scored:

Categories/Moves Questions Number of Yards
Run True or False 10 Yards
Pass Multiple Choice 20 Yards
Trick Open-Ended 30 Yards

Missing either a Run or Pass question cost the team half yardage.

A team could also go for a Field Goal by answering an open-ended general knowledge question.

Once a team used up all their downs or missed a Field Goal or Trick question, their turn would end and control went over to the other team.

Each time a team reached their goal, they scored points. A Field Goal was worth three points, and a Touchdown was worth six points, just like in real football. A team that scored a touchdown also won the right to try for an "Extra Point" by playing a puzzle-themed and/or stunt-oriented game.

Final Round: 2-Minute Scramble[]

In the final round, "The 2-Minute Scramble", each team (with the team in the lead going first) had 20 seconds to throw as many balls through the hoop as possible with each ball going through worth three points; it wasn't easy, however, because the hoop would be swinging from side to side.

The team with the most points at the end of this round won the game and some prizes.


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"Good Time Rock" by D. Stein for FirstCom


26 episodes were produced.

Host Randall Cunningham was a quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.

The "Pass Play" sound was previously used on Nickelodeon Arcade.

The siren used for correct answers was similar to the one used on Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?.


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