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This Second Chance was an early radio game show about similar to Queen for a Day and Strike it Rich, but about second chances.


NBC Radio (Daily): 6/22/1953 – 11/4/1955


Johnny Olson


Each contestant had a personal tragedy or made a large mistake in life, but were trying to make good. After talking about it with Olson, they were given three "Win or Lose" questions for $10 each. Correct answers to these questions awarded the money. An incorrect answer meant the game was over, but they kept any money won to that point.

After each "Win or Lose" question, the contestant could choose to answer a "Second Chance" question, or pass it and play the next Win or Lose question. A correct answer to a Second Chance question would double the money earned to that point, and the remaining questions were worth twice as much as the previous amount; an incorrect answer meant that all was lost and the game was over. To help with their deciscion, they would be told the category of the question.

The maximum possible winnings was $240, and only possible if the contestant answered every question correctly (including all three "Second Chance" questions).[1]

Contestants whose letters were chosen to be read on the air received a $100 savings bond in addition to the prize from the quiz.


  1. 2(2(2($10×3)))=$240