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Monty Hall
Jay Stewart
Unsold Pilot for ABC: 4/21/1976
Hatos-Hall Productions

Shoot for the Stars (not to be confused with the 1977 NBC show) was an unsold pilot.

Featured Celebrities[]

Jo Anne Worley
Nipsey Russell
Jack Klugman
Rue McClanahan
Pat Harrington


The game was played with a rotating plate of 28 balls of different Easter-like colors on the stage floor. Inside each ball was a prize. Participating in the game were five celebrities and two contestants. The questions used in this game all had numerical answers.

To start, each of the celebrities grabbed a ball from the spinning plate. Both players were given three points to start off the game. They could bet as much of their current score as they wished on each question. The celebrity in control was asked a question and answered with a number. Then the player in control decided whether the correct number was higher or lower than the celebrity's number. A correct answer from the player or the correct number from the celebrity added the wager. Unlike most game show with the wagering format, incorrect answers did not deduct the wager. The first player to reach 15 points won the game and a prize contained inside a ball of the celebrity of the winner's choosing.

Bonus Game[]

In the bonus game, Monty asked one more question to the winning contestant, which was already asked to the panel. The player was then told which of the three celebrities were the closest, then he/she would choose which one of those three was THE closest. Choosing the correct celebrity caused the winner to go over to the spinning plate, pick up one ball and win the prize inside.


ABC considered using it as one of the contenders to replace Let's Make a Deal, but it got lost to Hot Seat.


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