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Syndication (Daily?): 9/8-29/1987 (approx.)
Knight Productions

"Shopper's Casino, the game show where everybody wins. You the home shopper could save up to 40% on the items offered. And now our hosts, Debbie Maffett and Jeff Maxwell!"

Shopper's Casino was a short-lived home-shopping game that is generally considered to be one of the worst game shows ever made.


Two contestants compete in a series of casino for points and prizes.

Game #1: BlackjackEdit

The object of the game is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over, which is considered a bust. Standard casino Blackjack rules apply. Ties went in favor of the contestant(s).

Game #2: RouletteEdit

The contestants bet "odd", "even", "red", or "black" (no exact numbers). Should the ball land on zero or double zero, the point value was doubled and the winner got another spin.

Game #3: Chuck-a-LuckEdit

Chuck-a-luck is a casino game played with three dice inside a spinning cage. The contestants wagered if the total number would either be "12 or more" or "9 or less". (It is not known what happened if the result was 10 or 11.)

Two rounds of the same three games were played, and winning a game awarded a prize and its value in points (rounded down to the nearest dollar in all cases). There was also a bonus bell which, when it went off, doubled the point value for that game. The player with the most points went on to the Big Wheel.

Bonus Round: Big WheelEdit

The winning contestant spun a wheel consisting of various colors. Whatever color it landed on awarded the player its corresponding prize.

Home Viewer InteractionEdit

The prizes the contestants played for were also available to viewers, who could purchase the item at a discounted price by calling the displayed phone number.

There was also a phone game where a viewer would play a few games by phone and possibly win prizes, with Jeff or Debbie making the bets for him/her. This was a source of contention among those who remembered watching the show, as they claimed the "home viewer" in one episode was too clear to have been speaking by phone and was very likely in the studio. The existing episode appears to confirm that this was the case.


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Shopper's Casino induction at Game Show Garbage

YouTube VideosEdit

The full September 8, 1987 premiere (Maryann vs. Rich)