Wink Martindale
Randy West
Family Channel (Daily): 3/7/1994 – 6/10/1994
Martindale-Hillier Entertainment/
Fiedler-Berlin Productions/
The Family Channel

Shuffle: The Interactive Game is one of three interactive game shows produced for The Family Channel after Trivial Pursuit.


Four contestants competed in an interactive game about rearranging answers in the proper order.


The game was played in three rounds. In each round, the objective was to rearrange four answers to a question in the proper order. Wink gave four possible answers and then read a question as to which would go first, and then later he would ask which of the remaining answers would come second. After each question, the contestants pressed one of four buttons on their keypads (1, 2, 3 or 4). They had 10 seconds to answer the first question, and 5 seconds to answer the second question. After the second question, Wink would reveal where the remaining answers would be positioned. Contestants scored points according to how fast they pressed the right number; up to 1,000 points for the first answer, and up to 500 points for the second answer.

Each round consisted of three lists, and at the end of the round after the third list, the contestants with the highest scores advanced to the next round, with the scores resetting to zero for each new round.

Round 1Edit

Four players played Round 1 with the three highest scorers advancing to Round 2.

Round 2Edit

Three players played Round 2 with the two highest scorers advancing to Round 3.

Round 3Edit

Two players competed in the final round, and the player with the highest score won the game and also received a trip and one other prize. The runner-up received a prize of his/her own.

Interactive ComponentEdit

After each round with the studio players concluded, home viewers could call a special 1-900 number and play a game of "Interactive Shuffle". The cost to play was $4.98. It was played just like a round of the studio game, and home viewers answered by using their touch-tone telephone.

The home viewer with the highest score would receive a small prize and the right to enter a weekly playoff. The playoff would be played exactly as before, and the ultimate winner would receive a trip.

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