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Dan Seymour (1948–1951)
Jan Murray (1951)
Hal Simms
Art Hannes
Bern Bennett
CBS Radio: 5/29/1948 – 6/23/1951
CBS Primetime: 9/2/1950 – 6/23/1951 (simulcast of radio show)
Lester Gottlieb Productions

Sing It Again was a weekly one-hour Saturday-night music variety quiz show that featured home viewers trying to identify songs with the help of special clues that were performed by the show's regulars. If the player answered correctly, he/she received a chance to identify the "Phantom Voice" for a jackpot prize.


Comedian Jan Murray replaced original host Dan Seymour on February 24, 1951.

By February 1951, the emphasis shifted to the use of studio contestants to identify the songs and the home viewers participated only in the "Phantom Voice" contest. If the home audience failed to guess the "voice", the studio contestants were given a chance at the end of the show to guess who the "voice" was.

Regular performers on the show included Eugene Baird, Alan Dale, Bob Howard, Betty Luster, Judy Lynn, The Riddlers, and Jack Stanton. Prior to this, Ray Bloch conducted the orchestra.


CBS Studio 50, New York City, NY