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Hosts/Executive Producers
JoJo & Jessalynn Siwa
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Peacock: 11/4/2021-present
Evolution Media

Siwas Dance Pop Revolution is a reality competition series where dancer, singer & YouTube personality JoJo Siwa along with her momager Jessalynn creates a brand new musical pop group called "XOMG POP" in order to become pop music's next big sensation just by selecting 11 of the most talented triple-threat girls from across the country to compete for a spot in the group.


These 11 tweens participate in a series of performances and challenges while JoJo serves as choreographer and mentor. As part of the grand prize, the newly crowned pop group serves as an opening act for JoJo.


The original working title was The Siwa Dance Pop Revolution.
In 2021, not only JoJo Siwa was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars for its 30th season, but was also the first queer contestant who picked her same sex dance partner which in general was Jenna Johnson.


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