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Chudd Chudders and The Earl
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Teletoon: 10/28/2010 - 4/14/2013

Skatoony (stylized as SKAToonY) is an American/British/Canadian children's animated game show, pitting live-action kids against cartoons.


The show's format is that three live-action child contestants and three cartoon characters (one cartoon from another show) compete in a quiz show lasting for three rounds. After the first two rounds, two contestants are eliminated. The first round is always Bang On! Or Bogus?, a rapid-fire true-or-false questioning round, while the last two rounds vary between episodes. As contestants are eliminated, they are usually catapulted out of their seats while the two hosts, Chudd Chudders and The Fabulous Earl, sing a song entitled "You're Outta Here!".

Vignettes featuring eliminated contestants interacting with Chudd or The Earl as well as Charles la Puck, their boss, on Skatoony North America, also appear during the progression of the show. In Skatoony North America, this extends to the "during the commercial break" web extras available on the Skatoony website.


Season 1[]

Episodes Guest Stars Winners Kids Genders Kids
Knights at Daze Owen Erin Dina Three girls Jasmine, Adea, Erin Dina
Invasion Noah Callum Two girls and one boy Gennesys, Emily, Callum
I Stink, Therefore I Am Eva Sanja One boy and two girls Connor, Megan, Sanja
Pirates Izzy Jacob One girl and two boys Margot, Victor, Jacob
Skeleton Crew in Da House Harold Matthew Two Boys One Girls Rachel, Saer, Matthew
Xcqankly Katie and Sadie Kristen Two girls and one boy Beatrice, Julian, Kristen
To the Quiz Cave Gwen Samantha/Sam Two girls and one boy Peter, Jordan, Sam
Quizoo Bridgette Kira One boy and two girls Marc, Kristen, Kira
Hoo Loves You, Baby! Courtney Ethan Two girls and one boy Arija, Patricia, Ethan
Quiziatori Gladihost LeShawna Nestor Two girls and one boy Melissa, Stephanie, Nestor
Superheroes Chef Hatchet Asher One girl and two boys Natasha, Brett, Asher
Dinosaur Ezekiel Tyler One girl and two boys Cassidy, David, Tyler
Hooray for Bollywood Justin Andrew Two girls and one boy Andrea, Amina, Andrew

Season 2/Season 3[]

Episodes Guest Stars Winners Kids Genders Kids
Body Swap Dakota Taylor Two boys and one girl Karl, Lucas, Taylor
Sports Academy Lightning Mark Three boys Bradley, Connor, Mark
The Final Souffle TBA Joey Three boys Sean, Cole, Joey
Pre-School Problem TBA Josh Two girls and one boy Talia, Mercedes, Josh
It Could Be You TBA Chris One girl and two boys Claire, Javan, Chris
Halloween Mike Declan Two girls and one boy Seairra, Rebecca, Declan
Stoopid Santa Zoey Iris One boy and two girls Isaac, Kathryn, Iris
Vikings Brick Kate Three girls Jessica, Mara, Kate
Inside La Puck Jo Ally Three girls Shannon, Tiana, Ally
Stop the Pop Silent B Erin Three girls Alyssa, Christina, Erin
I Spy, You Quiz Staci Kyle Two Boys and One Girl Ronny, Shania, Kyle
Amusement Park Scott Dakota One girl and two boys Sephra, Aidan, Dakota
Style Trial Anne Maria Arianna Two girls and one boy Kayla, Makai, Arianna
Follow That Quizblock Heloise Kyle Two Boys One Girls Jessica, Rocky, Kyle
Freakshow Sam Griffin Two Boys One Girls Andrea, Dylan, Griffin
Out to Sea Dawn Declan Two Boys One Girls Samantha, Mark, Declan
Destination Moon Cameron Tyler Two girls and one boy Skye, Madeline, Tyler
Trash Talk Izzy Jacob Two girls and one boy Taelor, Nicole, Jacob
CJ's Birthday Katie and Sadie William One girl and two boys Shayla, Cameron, William
Pop Video Chris Andrea Two Girls One Boy Ingrid, Nathan, Andrea
Quiz to the Future Jimmy Jonah One girl and two boys Emily, Hilli, Jonah
Broke Charles LeShawna Maxx One girl and two boys Kasandra, Nicolas, Maxx
In Your Dreams Beezy Rebecca One boy and two girls Cole, Stephanie, Rebecca
Unusual Suspects Owen Andrew One girl and two boys Sarah, Jordan, Andrew
Cafe Le Quiz Chef Hatchet Nick Two Boys One Girls Simone, Trevor, Nick
Host of Doom Lucius Heinous VII Scotty Two girls and one boy Nicole, Kristen, Scotty


Season 1[]

Season 2/Season 3[]

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