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Unsold Pilot: 2008

Slingo was an unsold pilot for a TV version of Slingo, the world's most popular online game.


Five contestants compete in a game of matching spinning numbers and answering questions.

Main GameEdit

To start, the contestants pick their five luckiest numbers. Now each contestant spins their own personal wheel in an attempt to match one of their numbers. When the wheels stop, a question with three possible answers (which creates a pun) is asked. The first player to buzz-in and answer the question won some money and if the number in front of him/her matches a number in his/her column, he/she won bonus money behind that number. And, the first player to get Slingo won bonus cash.

Along the way, any one player could run into the devil. When that happens, that player would play a question all by himself/herself. Answering the question incorrectly lost money, but answering the question correctly stole money from another player. The money involved in a devil situation is doubled.

Round 1Edit

All five players compete in this round.

In the first round, each correct answer is worth $500, the devil is worth $1,000 and a Slingo is worth $2,500.

Round 2Edit

The three players with the highest scores compete in this round.

In the this round, each correct answer is worth $1,000, the devil is worth $2,000 and a Slingo is worth $5,000.

Super Slingo (Bonus Round)Edit

The winner of the game went on to play Super Slingo for $250,000.

The winning player is faced with three columns of increasing numbers. The first column has three numbers and is worth $10,000. The middle column has four numbers and is worth $25,000. The third and final column has five numbers and is worth $250,000.

In this round, the winning player spins three wheels under the columns. Each time a number comes up and it matches, that number lights up. When a column is completed, that player wins the corresponding amount. If a devil shows up at any time, that player loses the money.

YouTube VideosEdit

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