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Michael Burger
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Unsold Pilot: 9/21/2008
Slingo Productions Inc.

"WEST: This is Tattie Grace, a photographer from Columbus, Georgia. This is Johnny Merigliano, a pizza maker from Brooklyn, New York. This is Lauren Brown, a camp counselor from Boston, Massachusetts. This is Ray Barter, a waiter from Los Angeles, California. And this is Khalilah L., a dancer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And they're all here to play the game of five-in-a-row.....


WEST: And here's our host, Michael Burger!"

Slingo was an unsold TV version of Slingo, a then-popular online game.


Five contestants compete in a game of matching spinning numbers and answering questions.

Main Game[]

To start, the five contestants pick their five luckiest numbers. Now each contestant spins their own personal wheel in an attempt to match one of their numbers. When the wheels stop, a question with three possible answers (which creates a pun) is asked. The first player to buzz-in and answer the question won some money and if the number in front of him/her matches a number in his/her column, he/she won bonus money behind that number. And, if a player matched all 5 numbers, that's a Slingo, and they win more bonus cash.

Along the way, any one player could run into the Devil. When that happens, that player would play a question all by himself/herself. Answering the question incorrectly lost money, but answering the question correctly stole money from another player. The money involved in a Devil situation is doubled.

Round 1[]

All five players compete in this round.

In the first round, each correct answer is worth $500, the Devil is worth $1,000, and a Slingo is worth $2,500.

Round 2[]

The three players with the highest scores compete in this round.

In the this round, each correct answer is worth $1,000, the Devil is worth $2,000, and a Slingo is worth $5,000.

Super Slingo (Bonus Round)[]

The winner of the game went on to play Super Slingo for $250,000.

The winning player is faced with three columns of increasing numbers. The first column has three numbers and is worth $10,000. The middle column has four numbers and is worth $25,000. The third and final column has five numbers and is worth $250,000.

In this round, the winning player spins three wheels under the columns. Each time a number comes up and it matches, that number lights up. When a column is completed, that player wins the corresponding amount. If a Devil shows up at any time, that player loses the money.


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