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Jack Cash (voiced by Mark DeCarlo)
Unsold Pilot for USA: 7/7/1999
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Smartass! was an unsold game show pilot.


Three contestants buzz in and answer questions worth $25 apiece. Each time a contestant buzzes in and answers a question correctly, they score the money and get the first shot at a clue, whose correct answer is in the form of a question (ala Jeopardy!). The contestant scores $50 for answering the clue correctly, but if they miss, the other two contestants can buzz in for that money.

The dollar values are doubled in round two to $50 and $100, respectively. Also, in round two, $100 is deducted from a contestant’s score if they miss their clue, and $200 is deducted from their score if they miss their clue at one point of the round called “Kick In The Ass”.

After round two, the contestant with the lowest score is eliminated. If there is a tie for last place (and it happened in the pilot), one more question is asked. Whoever answers the question correctly stays in the game, but if they answer incorrectly, they are eliminated.

The two remaining contestants are given a series of categories. The first category is worth $100, and each category thereafter is worth $100 more than the previous one (the second category is worth $200, the third category is worth $300, etc.). On each category, the contestants take turns giving answers that fit in it until one contestant misses, at which point the other contestant scores the dollar value of that category.

The contestants have one minute in total to play as many categories as possible, with the clock stopping as soon as a contestant misses and starting again as soon as a contestant gives the first answer on the next category.

The contestant with the most money after this round wins the game and moves on to the bonus round for a chance to win $5,000.

In the bonus round, the winner is given clues to five words. They can make as many guesses as they want on each remark, but they have 30 seconds in total to make as many correct guesses as possible. They get $100 added to their winnings for each correct guess. The correct words are clues to a puzzle, and if the contestant correctly guesses the subject based on the clues earned, they have their total winnings increased to $5,000. If they fail, the contestant who lost in the previous round gets a shot at the puzzle for $500.

No matter what happens in this round, the winner would appear on the show again as a returning champion.


The show was originally called The Jack Cash Show.


A board game was released by University Games.

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