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FOX Reality Channel: 5/29/2006-3/20/2010

Solitary (v2.0/v3.0/v4.0) was a reality game show. The show calls itself a "social experiment" in determining the physical and mental endurance of the competitors.


The show's theme is based on solitary confinement; accordingly, the contestants are placed in isolated pods, with only an artificial intelligence named Val to communicate with. In reality, Val's voice is a computer-modified human voice. In Season 1, Val was likely voiced by a male, whose voice was altered. In Season 2, Val is voiced by a female, with little computer modification. However, some "corruption" can be heard in the voice pattern where Val speaks a word or two in a similar voice to Season 1. In the recent rebroadcast of the Season 1 episodes, the producers have replaced the computer-sounding voice with the more feminine voice that was used in Season 2. In the Season 3 episode "Rest In Pieces," Val's "eye" turns red and its voice takes a deep, sonorous, distorted tone, similar to that of Jigsaw in Saw, while giving instructions for the episode's test. Val is possibly a reference to HAL, the demented computer who takes over the spaceship in 2001: A Space Odyssey. The AI and main antagonist GLaDOS from the video game Portal bears a slight resemblance in tone and voice to Val. Val also often makes references to the fact that she is a computer (ex. by saying "If I had feelings, they would be hurt right now.").

International Versions[]

There are other versions of this show in German, Brazil and Singapore.


"You are...the first to quit this treatment, your stay in solitary is over!"