Ruthledge Wood
Speed Road Tour Challenge
Speed Channel: 2/15/2007-5/24/2007
Red Light Films

Speed Road Tour Challenge was a short-lived reality competition series featuring four contestants that travel together on a tour bus, similar to those used on musical concert tours as they travel between various races that host NASCAR Cup Series races.


Each episode has a reward challenge in which points are awarded to the contestants based on their performance. The winner of each challenge gets a reward related to NASCAR racing while the loser gets punished (e.g. cleaning bathrooms or disposing garbage at the track). The contestants with the most points at the end of the thirteen weeks wins a job with Speed Channel.

Casting ChangesEdit

During the competition, there were two cast changes. The first came when Eric Frega, a contestant from Riverside, California withdrew from the competition after the casting episode before the season began for reasons that were not disclosed. Then after the Kobalt Tools 500, Becky Patterson left the challenge because she did not feel comfortable competing on the show.

Season FinaleEdit

On the season Finale, John was announced as the winner of the show. Wood implied that his job with the network would be as an intern traveling with its production staff to the remaining races of the 2007 NASCAR Cup Series season. followed by Carrie and Estee. Carrie joined the series after Becky withdrew and John replaced Eric just before the start of the competition. Actually John led the points halfway point in then series and never looked back winning a brand new Toyota Tundra and the Speed Channel job.


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