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Larry Hoff
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WE: 2002
Atlas Media Corporation
Telepictures Productions
Warner Bros. International Television

Spend it Fast! (stylized as $pend it Fa$t!) was a short-lived reality game show where contestants would have five minutes to purchase the largest number of items at an exclusive store (similar to Shop 'til You Drop).


Hoff would be taken by a limo to a random home, where he would knock on the door and offer the woman of the house a chance to compete in an elaborate shopping spree at a nearby department or specialty store. Once there, the contestant would pick a card which determined the amount they had to spend (within $300, but without going over), and some other condition (for example, a minimum number of items). The spree lasted five minutes, but at the halfway point, Hoff would stop the contestant and ask a multiple-choice question, which would either raise/lower the time by 15 seconds, or the winning range by $50. At shopping's end, if the contestant reached the target range and fulfilled any other rules, she would win everything; if not, she was allowed to pick one prize as a consolation gift. Before the final total was revealed, though, Hoff would bribe her with $500 cash, and then a trip, to call off the game.

After the main spree, Hoff would go about the store looking for someone to go on an "Instant Spree" where they would have 90 seconds (1:30) to grab as much of what they could, again, winning the items if it fell into a range.


Store sponsors included Bloomingdale's, Burlington Coat Factory, and Linens N' Things.


Bruce David Klein


WE: Women's Entertainment to Produce Reality Game Show "Spend It Fast"

YouTube Video[]

Series Premiere (September 30, 2002)