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Tom Poston
Johnny Olson
Pilot: 1959
NBC Daytime: 9/28/1959 – 2/5/1960
Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions

"And now it's time to play…SPLIT…PERSONALITY! Split Personality, this portion brought to you by the NBC Television network and many, many discriminating sponsors. And now, here's our guest tonight, your host, the star of Split Personality, Tom Poston!"

Split Personality was the one-year game show where two contestants attempted to identify celebrities from biographical clues split between two huge electronic game boards facing them.


Each player chose a clue to give his or her opponent. Among the possible clues a player could choose from were sex, height and weight, color of hair and eyes, age, place born, number of children, current residence, occupation and picture of spouse.

The first player to correctly guess the identity won the game, and the first player to win two games won the match and a prize.

Bonus Round[]

The champion was shown a picture of the celebrities whose images had been combined. If both people were correctly guessed, the champion won a bonus prize.


NBC Studio 8H, New York City, NY

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