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Unsold Pilot for Syndication: 11/20/1988
Kalola Productions
Tom Kennedy Productions
MCA Television

"From Hollywood, the entertainment capital of the world, it's STAR PLAY! Let's welcome our stars: on the red team: Carol Burnett, Willie Aames, Deidre Hall. And on the blue team: Robert Guillaume, Valerie Harper and Pat Harrington. And now, here's your host, TOM KENNEDY!"

Star Play was an unsold charades game show pilot that was available for a place in the 1989-90 season, but didn't sell.


Two teams consisting of two contestants each and celebrity guests (three celebrities on each team in the actual pilot and a panel of five stars in the runthrough) play a game of charades where words come together to sound like a big word, a phrase, or a name. It is essentially a cross between two of Tom's other shows,You Don't Say! & Body Language.

On a team's turn, they selected a card from rack a certain number of numbered cards (six to start, with one less choice after that). Each card had on them, a subject and a number of clue words which when meshed together, they sound like the subject. One of the cards had a gold star on it, which if found offered a special added bonus. For the runthrough it was a 20-point bonus, while in the pilot the bonus was a special prize. One celebrity from the team in control/the panel acted out those clue words for the duration of 60 seconds (90 in the runthrough). The civilians picked off hidden clues by number in the pilot. Each time they say a word, the star in control moved on to the next. As soon as the team identified the subject, their turn was over.



In the runthrough, points were awarded based how much time it took to guess the subject. The faster it took to guess the subject, the more points scored.

Time Ranges Points
0-30 seconds 40 points
30-60 seconds 30 points
60-90 seconds 20 points

100 points wins the game.


In the pilot, the team that got their subject in the faster time won some money.

Rounds Money
Round 1 $100
Round 2 $200
Round 3 $300

Team with the most money wins.

The team that wins the game went on to play "Three for the Money" for $5,000.

Bonus Round: Three for the Money[]

In this round, the winning team was faced with three windows marked "Person", "Place", and "Thing". They represent the categories of the three puzzles (one for each puzzle). Behind those windows were scrambled cards marked with words which as in the game, sound like the answer when joined together in some way. One player from the winning team went up to the board and on each window, tried to unscramble the words to have them appear from left to right and in such a way that the correct answer will be sounded out. The entire team can yell out the words and try to figure out what the answer was. In the pilot, the unscrambler was guided by the celebrity of his/her choosing. The game lasted for 45 seconds.

Each correct answer won money ($500 in the pilot, $1,000 in the runthrough), and unscrambling and revealing all three answers won $5,000.

International Version[]

Even though the show didn't sell in America, it did air in Canada as a French-Canadian show called Mi Mé Mo.





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