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MTV: 2/21/2017-4/25/2017
Tollbooth TV

Stranded With a Million Dollars is a survival reality series which will force a group of young adventures to literally answer the question "How much would you pay to survive?

Season 1[]


The series drops ten adventures on an island with nothing but the clothes on their backs and $1,000,000 in cash. Those who survive 40 days filled with gut-wrenching journeys and demanding physical challenges will split the money as their prize. The catch? They can buy all of the survival supplies and creature comforts they desire but everything is crazy expensive (think $30,000 for a tent) all decisions to make a purchase require a group majority and the cost comes out of their shared prize money. The participants are free to leave the island at any point by shooting a flare gun indicating they're ready to throw in the towel and leave their pride and accumulated cash build. Friends and foes are forced to work together in an intense group dynamic that tests psychological limits, pushes personalities to the brink and leaves everyone wondering who, if anyone, will make it to the end in this genre-busting series that would leave Katniss Everdeen breathless and the Lord of the Flies boys running for the hills. Adding a modern spin to the survival show construct, the series relies on retrofitted drone cameras and robo-cam technology for principal photography. The unique fly-on-the-wall result provides a rarely seen perspective for viewers, while truly adding a layer of isolation for the survivors as they fight brutal conditions... and each other.


Contestant Age Finish
Alex Apple 24 Winner
Chris Lacerra 25 Runner-Up
Ashley Mercer 23 3rd Place
Eilish Rodriguez 21 Ejected
Michael Schuur 21 Eliminated
Bria Fleming 24
Cody Dunlap 28
Alonzo Gordon 20
Gina Lam 25
Natalie Paul 22 Walked[1]

Season 2[]


In the second season, 24 participants will be abandoned in a refuge in the mountains in the middle of nowhere without beds, indoor bathrooms, prepared food or a supply of drinking water, but with the half million dollars that corresponds to the final prize. With that money they will be able to buy the items they need to survive, but at an unusual value, and in a decision that requires a majority agreement to be finalized. Survival, democracy and social struggle: all in one.


Contestant Age Original team Finish Day exited
Matt Graham
survival expert
43 Winner 74
Cesar Yedra
Big Brother Contestant
23 Runner-Up 74
Darenny Rincón
22 3rd Place 74
Anthony Lebca
El combate (perú) contestant
finalist eliminated in extraordinary elimination
Daniel Castro
27 74
Juli Zeitune[2]
Personal Trainer
24 73
Estefanía Goitia
25 74
Dorian Lux
27 74
Ximena Tovar[3]
25 42
Connie Moll
Are you the one S2 contestant.
24 14.° Eliminated
by vote and trial
Kirill Grey
Model and Receptionist
25 13.os Eliminated
in final team duel
Pepe Goitia[4]
21 72
Croy Klein
model and businessman
28 73
Andrea Denver[5]
Model and Public Relations
32 Walked
due to injury
Willy Mavarez
22 12.º Eliminated 50
Karlis Romero[6]
Model and Actress
26 11.° Eliminated 14
Mauro Betancourth[7]
25 10.º Eliminated 9
Zach Rance
Big Brother Contestant
29 9.º Eliminated 58
Marcela Abreu[8]
Are you the one S1 contestant.
32 8.ª Eliminated 51
Sepanta Arya
28 Ejected
for breaking the rules
Vitoria Mondoni
24 Walked
Gerseg Leo[9]
23 7.º Eliminated 45
Fidel Guzmán
Públic Relations
25 Walked 25
Franky Cammarata
24 6.º Eliminated 37
Renata Aragón
Ex-On the Beach Contestant
23 Ejected
for breaking the rules
Isabela Souza
21 5.ª Eliminated 30
Rubén Limardo
Fencing World Champion
34 4.º Eliminated 23
Ian García
29 Walked 14


  1. Evacuated
  2. Marcela, Gerseg, Juli y Pepe ingresan el día 2, como nuevos participantes.
  3. Andrea y Ximena ingresan el día 31, como nuevos participantes.
  4. Marcela, Gerseg, Juli y Pepe ingresan el día 2, como nuevos participantes.
  5. Andrea y Ximena ingresan el día 31, como nuevos participantes.
  6. Karlis ingresa el día 45, como nueva participante.
  7. Mauro ingresa el día 50, como nuevo participante.
  8. Marcela, Gerseg, Juli y Pepe ingresan el día 2, como nuevos participantes.
  9. Marcela, Gerseg, Juli y Pepe ingresan el día 2, como nuevos participantes.


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