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A Strike Indicator (or Strike for short) is a penalty marker from the traveling reality game show called Cash Cab which in turn was based on a British format of the same name.


Anytime a contestant in the cab gets a trivia question wrong, they get a strike and as former hosts Ben Bailey and Beth Melewski say in the intro, "It's three strikes and you are out". In other words, they forfeit all their winnings and the host will immediately pull over and kick them out of the cab. The "strikes" on this show consist of virtually digital red "X"'s seen for the home viewer and the three strikes along with a "$0" for the contestant will flash repeatedly three times. The scoreboard itself is similar to that of an actual cab meter.

In the Bravo reboot, a red X can be seen above the cab (in this picture below) when a contestant(s) answers a question incorrectly.

Cash Cab Bravo X.png


This does not effect the "Red Light Challenge" and the "Video Bonus" segments of the show respectively.

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