Graham Elwood
Card Lady
Jennifer Victoria Cole
USA Network: 1999-2001
Axelson-Weintraub Productions

Strip Poker was a game show that had men and women playing strip poker but with a little twist to the game.


Two guys and two girls competed in this game.

Round 1Edit

The poker part of the game was based on five-card stud, using a deck of 24 cards ranging from 9 to Ace. Before each question, a pair of face-up cards came down a chute. The first question was directed at the guys and had to do with "girl stuff". If they got it right, they received control. A miss gave the girls a chance to take control by giving the correct answer. If they missed, however, the guys got control by default, because the question was in the girls' area of knowledge. Questions alternated between the two teams, with the girls being asked about "guy stuff" on their turns.

After each question, the team that had control won $50 and could choose one of the two cards to add to their poker hand. The other team received the spare card, and one member of that team would have to take off an article of clothing. After four questions, each team had four cards. The fifth pair of cards was always face down, but the question would be played the same way. The team with the better hand after five cards won a bonus $250, and one of their opponents would have to take an article of clothing off.

Round 2Edit

The rules were the same, except that questions were worth $100 each and the team who did not start Round 1 received the first question. The winning hand was still worth $250.

Final Round: Lightning RoundEdit

One player from each team stepped up to the microphone to answer the question. They signaled using a whistle around their neck. A right answer was worth $100 and forced the opponents to take off an article of clothing. A wrong answer, however, gave the opponents $100, and the answering team had to take off a piece of clothing. (By this point, it was normal for one team to be so far ahead that one of their opponents would already be answering questions in their boxers/bra and panties.) If neither player answered, they would both have to take off an article of clothing.

After six questions were asked in this round, the team in the lead won the game. Both teams kept any cash they had accumulated up to that point; however, the losing team would have to strip down to their undergarments in the center of the stage (if they had not already done so). They were usually joined by the other team, who also stripped down, and everybody danced at the center of the stage.

Audience GameEdit

Occasionally, between round 2 and the Lightning Round, Graham would ask a member of the studio audience a question. If their answer was correct, they received a Strip Poker T-shirt, but if incorrect, they had to remove an article of clothing.



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