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Opening Spiels[]

"Previously on Survivor."

"From this tiny, Malaysian fishing village, these sixteen Americans are beginning the adventure of a lifetime. They have volunteered to be marooned for thirty-nine days on mysterious Borneo. This is their story. This is Survivor."


"The sixteen contestants have been separated into two tribes named after the beaches where they will live."

"The Tagi tribe, who will always wear orange, consists of: Sean Kenniff, a neurologist from Long Island; Kelly Wiglesworth, a river guide from Las Vegas; Rudy Boesch, a retired Navy SEAL from Virginia; Sonja Christopher, a 63-year-old cancer survivor from San Francisco; Richard Hatch, a corporate communications consultant from Rhode Island; Susan Hawk, a truck driver from Wisconsin; Dirk Been, a young dairy farmer, also from Wisconsin; and Stacey Stillman, a litigation attorney from San Francisco." - Jeff Probst

"The Pagong tribe, who will always wear yellow, consists of: Gervase Peterson, a YMCA basketball coach from Philadelphia; Colleen Haskell, an advertising student from Miami; B.B. Andersen, a real estate developer from Kansas City; Ramona Gray, a biochemist from New Jersey; Gretchen Cordy, a preschool teacher from Tennessee; Greg Buis, a recent Ivy League graduate from Colorado; Jenna Lewis, single mother and full-time student from New Hampshire; and Joel Klug, a health club consultant from Little Rock." - Jeff Probst

"You are witnessing sixteen Americans begin an adventure that will forever change their lives. They've been given two minutes to salvage whatever they can off this boat [Castaways continue scrambling around the ship for supplies and releasing their rafts]. Their destination: this island right here [Points at the island of Pulau Tiga; cuts to a wide shot of the island followed by a montage of deadly animals that live on the island.], a beautiful, but dangerous jungle in the middle of the South Asian Sea [Castaways begin to jump off the ship and to their rafts.]. For the next 39 days, they'll be marooned, left to fend for themselves, no creature comforts. They are wiping the slate clean. Sixteen strangers forced to band together to carve out a new existence, totally accountable for their actions. They must learn to adapt, or they're voted off. In the end, only one will remain and will leave the island with one million dollars in cash as their reward. 39 days, 16 people, 1 survivor!" - Jeff Probst (explaining the game)

"Here, it's the impressions you make on the other castaways that determine your fate. Under the rules, one tribe must visit Tribal Council every 3 days with a single purpose: vote one of their own members off the island. To win, you must survive the island, survive the vote, and, ultimately survive each other." - Jeff Probst

"Throughout their time on the island, tribes will compete in a series of challenges. They'll receive messages notifying them of these competitions at their Tree Mail. Today's challenge is for both reward, in the form of fifty waterproof matches, and Immunity. Win Immunity, you stay on the island a few days longer. Lose, face Tribal Council, where you must vote one member off the island." - Jeff Probst

Immunity Challenges[]

"This is the Immunity Idol. The tribe holding the Idol does not have to hike to Tribal Council and vote one of their own off the island. The Pagong tribe won last week's Immunity Challenge "Quest for Fire." Win today's challenge, win the Idol and Immunity from tonight's Tribal Council." - Jeff Probst (explaining the Immunity Idol)

"First thing's first, gotta take back immunity." - Jeff Probst

"Here we go. For reward/immunity, Survivors ready...GO!" - Jeff Probst (used in racing challenges)

"Immunity is back up for grabs" - Jeff Probst (used in immunity challenges)

"This challenge is on." - Jeff Probst (used in endurance challenges)

"(Insert contestant), wins immunity." - Jeff Probst

Tribal Council[]

"This is Tribal Council, where each week one member will be voted off the island. Last night, in a crushing defeat Tagi lost the Immunity Challenge, so, tonight, they will come here and vote the first person off. It all begins with a dangerous hike through the jungle. With so little time to get acquainted, everyone is vulnerable. Rich's talk-versus-action approach may be more annoying than helpful. Sonja's tumble cost them dearly. One thing's for certain: At Tribal Council you are held accountable for your actions. There will be a vote. Someone is going home." - Jeff Probst (explaining Tribal Council)

This is Tribal Council, where each week, one member will be voted off the island. Pagong must now make the dreaded hike to the Tribal Council. Despite their initial successes, the tribe was in turmoil. B.B.'s butting heads with the rest of the tribe, Ramona has been ill, and their shelter is in danger of being washed away. Soon we'll find out if losing a member is what is needed to bring this tribe together.

"Behind each of you is a torch. Grab a torch and approach the flame. Dip it in and get fire. This is part of the ritual at Tribal Council, because in this game, fire represents your life; when your fire's gone, so are you. - Jeff Probst (to a tribe who is visiting Tribal Council for the first time)

"(insert contestant) has immunity. You cannot vote for (insert contestant). Everyone else is fair game." - Jeff Probst (post-merge Tribal Councils)

"It is...time to vote. (insert contestant's name), you're up." - Jeff Probst (prior to voting at Tribal Council)

"I'll go tally the votes!"-Jeff Probst (when the contestants finish voting)

"If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and you'd like to play it, now would be the time to do so." - Jeff Probst (in regards to hidden immunity idols found by contestants)

"The rules of Survivor state that if a hidden immunity idol is played then any votes cast against that person will not count and the person with the next highest number of votes will be sent home." - Jeff Probst (explaining how the hidden immunity idols work)

"This is a hidden immunity idol. Any votes cast against (player) will not count." - Jeff Probst (confirming true idols)

"This is not a hidden immunity idol. Any votes cast against (player) will count." - Jeff Probst (confirming fake idols before throwing them into the fire)

"Once the votes are read, the decision is final; the person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. I'll read the votes." - Jeff Probst (prior to reading the votes)

"(insert contestant). Does not count." - Jeff Probst (nullifying the votes of a player who plays a hidden immunity idol)

"(insert number)nth person voted out of Survivor (insert season), (insert contestant). That's (minimum number of votes); that's enough. You need to bring me your torch." - Jeff Probst (to a player who has received enough votes to be voted out)

"(insert contestant), that’s (minimum number of votes); that’s enough. We did not read (minimum number of votes left).” - Jeff Probst (to a player who has received enough votes but there are few votes left)

"(Insert contestant's name), the tribe has spoken. (snuffs out contestant's torch) (It's) time for you to go." - Jeff Probst (to the contestant voted out)

"Now we are bring our members of the jury, (insert contestants name), and (insert contestant name) who voted out in the last Tribal Council.” - Jeff Probst (bring back the eliminated contestants to watch)

“Grab your stuff/torches, (and) head back to camp. Good night.” - Jeff Probst

"There are three Tribal Councils, two immunity challenges, one winner." - Jeff Probst

"(insert contestant’s name), you can not vote for (insert contestant’s name), you can not vote for (insert contestant’s name), you only vote for (insert contestant’s name).

"What’s at stake for (insert car brand), a check for one million dollars, and Sole Survivor.”

"You need four (votes) of seven (votes) to win.” - Jeff Probst (to a player who needs how many votes that player wins)

"The winner of Survivor: (insert name) is (insert contestant’s name). - Jeff Probst (to the player who won)


"We are Switching tribes." - Jeff Probst (to all the castaways to switch tribes)


"I don't like her. And I never will!" - Rudy Boesch

"Me and Richard got to be pretty good friends. Not in a homosexual way, that's for sure."

"Don't wave your finger in my face!" - Kelly "Kel" Gleason

"I will ALWAYS wave my finger in your face." - Alicia Calaway

"You know what I ate today? Four spoonfuls of rice. Twice a day, everyday." - Colby Donaldson

"We got an overweight, gay, naked man walking around, and no one seems to let it bother them."

"Is it possible to call a gay man a stud?"

"Oh my heck!" - Neleh Dennis

"I need someone who can pee on my hand!" - John Carroll

"I'm not even attracted to you!" - Ted Rogers, Jr.

"It's supposed to be for Ghandia." - Clay Jordan

"(voting for Roger) Here comes tonight's long distance dedication. It goes out to Rob from New York. He writes, 'Dear Casey, there is a mean old man in my life that's about to leave. Can you please play something appropriate for me?' Well, Rob, here's your request—Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye." - Rob Mariano

"Astrological signs!" - Johnny Fairplay

"This this... that's ... that's Johnny Fairplay right there. That's the "F", that's the "Y". I'm all in between. Johnny Fairplay. I play fair. No cheating."

"(voting confessional against Shawn) F*** you."

"How's Grandma?"

"My grandmother's sitting home watching Jerry Springer right now. (laughs)"

"Yes" - Andrew Savage

"Yeah" - Darrah Johnson

"Yep." - Ryan Opra

"Yes" - Tijuana Bradley

"I'm out here to play Survivor. I'm not out here to play a dating game." - Amber Brkich

"Our camp was Hobo Junction; theirs is the Taj Mahal."


"Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode." - Jeff Probst

"Next time on Survivor."