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Jim Finnerty & Tobi Knight
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KSCH: 10/20/1986 - 6/17/1987 (changed from Daily to Weekly beginning 2/11/1987)

OPENING SPIEL: Audience: B-I-N-G-O! BINGO! Announcer: Live from TV 58 Studios, it's JACKPOT BINGO! Sponsored by (insert sponsors)! And now, here are your hosts for TV 58's Jackpot Bingo, JIM FINNERTY AND TOBI KNIGHT! 

TV 58's Jackpot Bingo was a local bingo-themed game show for KSCH-TV Channel 58 in Sacramento, California.


T.J. Michaels


"Hello everyone and welcome to $10,000/(insert jackpot amount) Jackpot Bingo, where you can have a chance to win more than $10,000 at home! Nice to have you with us today/tonight!" - Jim Finnerty

"Let's say hello to our musical director, Mr. T.J. Michaels!" - Tobi (when introducing the musician)

"Tonight/today, we are going to play (insert style of bingo), so your card should look like this. (insert rules of that type of bingo)." - Jim

"Everyone can play, but you must be 18 years of age or older if you want to win. And that's one winner per household per night." - Tobi (when explaining the disclaimer rules)

"Let's drop the balls into the machine! There ya go! Are you ready?" - Jim

"How about this one?" - Jim

"Under the B/I/N/G/O, (insert number)." - Jim/Tobi

"Let's draw another number." - Jim

"Hi, I'm (insert name) from (insert local organization), and it feels great to be playing/play Bingo on TV 58!" - Random Audience Member/Player


"LET'S PLAY BINGO!" - Jim & Tobi

“When it comes to winning big on television, it’s all right here on TV 58’s JACKPOT BINGO/this is the only game in town! Bye bye everybody!” - Jim Finnerty

“This has been a live presentation from KSCH-TV 58, Stockton-Sacramento!” - Announcer

YouTube Videos[]

The full October 20, 1986 premiere
A full episode from October 31, 1986
A full episode from December 22, 1986
A full episode from February 25, 1987 (road show at Greenhaven IGA Supermarket in Sacramento)