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Chris Wylde
The New TNN (Daily): 1/6/2003 - 4/6/2003
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Taboo is based on the board game of the same name. This game is played just like Pyramid but with a twist. There are five clues that the person is given that can NOT be used when describing a word, the "taboo" clues. If one is used, the turn is over.


Two teams of three competed. Before Round 1, team captains were determined; to do this, Wylde played a round of Taboo with each team, and the first player to guess the word correctly became captain. The captain's job was to determine who would play in each round.

The object of the game was for a player to get their partners to say words or phrases by describing them within 45 seconds. The catch was that five other related words were designated as "Taboo"; saying any of those words caused the main word to be discarded. Words could also be discarded if the player gave away the word (even part of it), rhymed, conveyed the essence of the word or said what letter the word started with. The team could pass on a word (and couldn't come back to it), but there were only eight words in each turn.

Main Game[]

The game was played in three rounds. Round 1 was played with general words, Round 2 was the "Danger Round" a.k.a "Celebrity Taboo" (all the words were celebrity names, and "Tabooing" in this round resulted in such things as the player being hit with beach balls and cymbals crashing in their face), and Round 3 was the "Catch-Up Round" (words were two points, and a sixth "Taboo" word was added). The team with the highest score won the game and a prize; and all players received a "Taboo" game & a "Taboo" watch. If both teams were tied then the team with the least amount of "Taboo" words were the winners.

Bonus Round[]

In the bonus round, all the words share a common theme; and it's a tag team round where the partners switch after each word. To start, the winning team was shown three prize packages, each featuring a trip. After selecting one, the team had a minute to guess six words. Successfully doing so won each team member the preselected prize package and $3,000. Anything less won the team a consolation prize.


Scott Liggett & Alan Ett


Based on the board game of the same name by Hasbro


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