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Pilot: Early 1982
Syndication (Daily): 9/13/1982 – 9/1983
Omni Productions/Golden Gate Productions
Worldvision Enterprises, Inc.

Take My Word For It! was a game of defining wacky, wild, weird, and unusual words where contestants tried to spot the real ones from the fake ones. It was the revival of Oh My Word, also hosted by Jim Lange.


Like in the previous version, two contestants (this time they were both civilians) faced a panel of four celebrities. The contestants' job was to figure out which celebrity gave a real definition to a highly unusual word. Host Lange gave a word, then each of the celebrity panelists gave a possible definition to the word. The players would then decide who was telling the truth, and choosing the correct celebrity scored a point and a prize. The game was played in three rounds with the last round worth two points, meaning that players could score up to four points. The player was scored the most out of four won the game. If the game ended in a tie, a series of words were given but with one definition also given. Each player decided whether the definition of a given word was true or false. The player with the correct choice won the game.

The winner of the game went on to play "Turnabout" in which the winning contestant gave a definition to one final word. That player did it in such a way in an attempt to fool as much of the panel as possible. The more celebrities that were wrong, the bigger the prize, and stumping the panel won a grand prize.

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KQED Studio A, San Francisco, CA


Jim Lange hosted the remade version of his first show after the cancellation of his previous show, Bullseye.

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