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John K.M. McCaffery
CBS Primetime: 6/11/1953 – 9/10/1953
Peter Arnell Productions

Take a Guess was a Summer quiz show where deductive skills were tested as contestants tried to identify an object or concept with the help from a celebrity panel by asking "Yes or No" questions.


Contestants, aided by a celebrity panel, tried to guess what a mystery object was. A player started with a bankroll of $150 and lost $5 for each question asked. The player was given up to four chances to identify the object and won whatever was left when when he/she guessed correctly. If the player used up his/her $150 or made four wrong guesses, he/she left with nothing.

At the end of the show, the broadcast's three contestants competed to identify a quotation using the objects identified during the show.

Taping Location[]

New York City, NY


Among the regular panelists were Ernie Kovacs, John Crawford, Robin Chandler, and Hans Conried.