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Richard Hayes
Unsold Pilot for ABC: 1964

Ten Little Indians was a failed dating/relationship-matching elimination game.


10 contestants are assembled together in a row and have to throw out short answers to questions thrown at them by Hayes, in order, and any flubs get them eliminated. The questions involved subjects like names of states, pieces of household furniture, and political slogans.


According to Ira Gallen:

  • The players' answers were spoken "almost like operatic recitative, in cadence, with little bits of musical accompaniment behind each word".
  • The contestants included "young bachelorettes, taciturn housewives, quirky guys, and slick young executives".
  • One contestant gave a plug for then-Presidential candidate Barry Goldwater.
  • Some of the questions and comments given during the pilot were no better than the show's title at being politically correct. For example, "women drivers" was one of the subjects.