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Jimmy Fallon
Broadcast (NBC Primetime)
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Sneak Peek: 11/29/2021
Regular: 1/3/2022 - Present
Electric Hot Dog/Universal Television

That's My Jam is a new musical variety game show that put two celebrity teams against each other in games based off of those shown from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.


Each week, two teams of two celebrity guests battle it out in a series of wacky musical games. All while trying to win money for their favorite charities.

There are five games played each night. The first two rounds are worth 1,000 points, and the third round is worth 5,000.


Perfect Mash-Up: Two songs are played, each sharing one word in their titles, with the first song linking to the other. The teams secretly type in the combined title of both songs. As soon as a team finishes, they buzz-in. The first team to do that after typing in the correct combined title scores the points.

Launch the Mic: A series of songs are played and the first star on either team to buzz-in will have his/her golden microphone launched into the air and hopefully (s)he'll catch it. A correct answer scores, but an incorrect answer or failure to catch the mic gives the other stars a chance to steal.

NOTE: This was a parody of the term "Drop the Mic", not to be confused with the very short-lived TBS and TNT all-star, reality hip-hop competition series hosted by Method Man and Hailey Baldwin from 2017-19 of the same name.

Vinyl Countdown: A giant volume dial with a set of records spins around. On the records are famous musical acts. On a team's turn, one player snags a record and will then have to describe the act on the record to his/her partner as fast as (s)he can. As soon as the partner guesses correctly, play goes over to the other team. This goes on until time runs out and the team who is in control when time is called loses the round to their opponents.

NOTE: The game's name is a reference to a 1986 song called "The Final Countdown" sung by a band called Europe.

Get Out of My Face: One star will stand behind a pyramid of television sets and stick his/her head out of the top TV set. While (s)he is doing that, his/her eyes & mouth are displayed on a picture of a famous artist. His/her job is to convey as many artists as (s)he can to his/her partner for the duration of 90 seconds.

Disco Charades: One star will dance to items and/or phrases to convey to his/her partner for the duration of 60 seconds.

Air Guitar: Teams take turns answering music trivia questions, each with three possible answers labelled A, B & C. After choosing an answer, one of the teams will get blasted with air & confetti. If the answering team is right, the opponents get blasted; but if they get it wrong, they get blasted.

Don't Drop the Beat: Fallon will see saw back and forth asking music trivia questions to the teams. While this is going on a musical beat is playing in the background. When the music stops, the player/team in control at that time will lose and the other team will score.

Undercover Covers:

Wheel of Impossible Karaoke: Each music star, gets a turn pulling a microphone lever which activates the wheel. When the wheel stops, a challenge comes up and it could be for the spinner only or two players (one from each team (the spinner and another player)). On each challenge, the star(s) must sing a certain song or songs chosen by the wheel. At the end of the round, the "Doombox" will be making a decision. The star with the best performance, wins the round and 50,000 for the team.

Slay It Don't Spray It: This is the final challenge which takes place inside the "Doombox". Teams takes turns singing songs in karaoke fashion, which each team selecting who will be singing each one. The star will sing along to the song selected by the "Doombox", with the lyrics given to them at first. But when the music stops, they must sing more of the song by memory. Singing it incorrectly causes the team in control to get sprayed at with water by their own microphone. But if they sing it correctly, their opponents get sprayed instead. Three songs are played with first two songs worth 50,000 points and the last song worth 200,000 points.

The team with the most points wins the game and golden Boomboxes.

NOTE: This was a parody of the term "Say it, Don't Spray It".

Sneak Peek Show[]

A sneak peek show aired on November 29, 2021.

In the sneak peek show, the current judges of The Voice competed. It ended with Blake Shelton giving host Jimmy Fallon a taste of his own medicine.

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