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The Rubberbandits (Dave Chambers and Bob McGlynn)
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MTV (Weekly): 10/13-20/2016
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The Almost Impossible Game Show was an American adaptation of the British format of the same name that was extremely difficult to beat; the contestants were given 40 lives… and usually still didn't win.


Each episode of this outlandish series featured six neon-clad contestants taking on simple, yet hilarious difficult games. To win, these brave contestants had to complete four of the six games without running out of lives. If they failed a game, they had to do it again… and again… and AGAIN. Contestants didn't compete against each other, but against the game itself. With challenges such as riding a tiny bike across a balance beam over a mud pit, putting on a pair of trousers while sprinting on a giant treadmill and inflating a balloon to the point of popping using only the power of your buttocks, contestants would never know what would happen next. Winning contestants received a trophy and $500 in cash.

British Version[]

The original version of The Almost Impossible Game Show (which also featured The Rubberbandits as commentators) aired on ITV2 from 1 October (October 1) 2015 to 11 May (May 11) 2016.


Based on the British show of the same name.


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