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Martha Stewart
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NBC: 9/21/2005-12/21/2005
Mark Burnett Productions

The Apprentice: Martha Stewart was a short-lived spin-off of The Apprentice where it features business tycoon Martha Stewart, and the tasks were centered on Stewart's areas of expertise: media, culinary arts, entertaining, decorating, crafts, designs, merchandising and style.


16 candidates arrive in New York City for a chance to become Martha Stewart's apprentice. After splitting themselves into two teams, their first task is to create a children's book. One candidate forces his team to accept a risky story line while another relies solely upon the advice of a makeshift focus group. The losing team faces Martha Stewart in her conference room and one member is sent home, and as they exit, Martha writes a letter to the departed.


  • Bethenny Frankel was once a contestant on the show.
  • The only sole winner of the show was Dawna Stone.


Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - The Eurythmics

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