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The Ask-It Basket was a radio quiz show where the players were asked questions that listeners sent in.


CBS Radio (Weekly): 10/5/1938 – 4/10/1941


Jim McWilliams (1938–1940)
Ed East (1940–1941)


Del Sharbutt


The host would choose four contestants from the audience and ask them a series of questions sent in by listeners. The host would pick them out at random from the titular "Ask-It Basket", and contestants who gave correct answers scored points. The levels of questions appeared to increase in difficulty; the first level could be multiple choice, while the second level could be translating foreign poetry into English.

Sharbutt kept score throughout the broadcast, and whoever came in 1st place won a grand prize of $25, 2nd place received $10, and 3rd place received $5. The contestant who came in last place played a consolation round, where they would be asked four questions, earning $1 for each correct answer.