The Bob Hawk Show was a radio quiz show sponsored by Camel Cigarettes. It was a reboot of Hawk's earlier show, Thanks to the Yanks.

Broadcast[edit | edit source]

CBS Radio (Weekly): 7/9/1943 – 10/8/1943, 7/3/1944 – 9/29/1947, 10/4/1948 – 7/27/1953
NBC Radio (Weekly): 10/2/1947 – 9/30/1948

Host[edit | edit source]

Bob Hawk

Announcers[edit | edit source]

Dennis James
Owen Jordan
Bob LeMond
Charles Lyon
Charles Stark

Theme[edit | edit source]

"The Lemac Man" (Camel spelled backwards)

Format[edit | edit source]

In this reboot of Thanks to the Yanks, Hawk initiated the memorable "Lemac quiz" (Lemac was Camel spelled backward). Audience could win up to $3,000 by answering five questions, each beginning with a certain letter in the work Lemac. The first question was asked to a selected audience member. If they were correct, they would come onstage and step into the "Lemac Box", and attempted to answer more difficult questions for the big money.

Production Locations[edit | edit source]

Chicago, IL (1943–1949)
Hollywood, CA (1949–1953)

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