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BET: 2008
Renegade 83

The Boot was a reality dating series where four guys competed for the affection of two beautiful girls (or vice-versa).


In the first round, the ladies put each of the guys through a grueling and highly personal two-on-one interrogation. Based on their answers, two guys would get the boot while the other two advanced.

Next, the girls would split up for one-on-one activities. Each of them took one guy and then out him through the paces. Then would they switch off to see which one measured up. Then a second elimination would follow, as another guy would get the boot.

The Power Shift[]

In the power shift, the last guy standing was in charge as the girls had to compete for him. The battle would reache a fever pitch as they attempted to manipulate, cajole and seduce their way into the top slot.

In the end, the guy had to decide which girl could stay and which one would get the boot.


Official Website (via Internet Archive)