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Tyler Harcott
FOX: 8/30/2004 - 10/8/2004
FremantleMedia North America

The Complex: Malibu is based on the hit Australian format called The Block, where eight real-life couples participated in an interior-design competition to decorate a Malibu condominium that will bring in the biggest bucks when sold at auctions.


Eight couples renovate four apartments. They are divided into two teams, Upper and Lower Complex. Each week, they are given a challenge, a room to renovate. At the end of the challenge a panel of experts assess the apartment, one adding the lowest value, one adding the highest value to the complex. The team responsible for that lowest-value apartment will then have to evict one of the couples on their team. When four couples are left, they will be on their own and be responsible for one of the apartments. The couple whose apartment ultimately adds the most value to the complex wins. They earn profits from the sale of all the apartments, which will occur by public auction.

International Versions[]

Countries that have previously aired their versions of The Complex: Malibu includes:

Australia (country that originated the program as The Block)
The Netherlands
New Zealand
United Kingdom


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Burning Down the House by Talking Heads


Based on The Block by Julian Cress and David Barbour

Similar Show[]

Home Free - another short-lived, house-themed reality competition series that also aired on FOX from 2015 until 2016.


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